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I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t have much of a life outside of motherhood. It’d be nice to have a social life, but i’m saving that up for when they’re old enough to not miss me and then i’ll be out all the time!
For now.. My planet revolves around theirs. For that reason, what I look forward to most every year is what THEY look forward to. Christmas, holidays where they get candy, birthdays.. They have all become my favorite times of the year by default- even though before I had kids I hated ALL things holiday-esque.

With the birthday party being only a little over a week away I am in full on stress/crunch/rush mode.
Every year I worry about the same things. Will anyone even show up? The term RSVP seems to have become an ancient tradition, long since forgotten in the past. Birthdays? Who cares!
I really don’t care about the gifts, that’s not what the boys party is about to me. It’s about having lots of people to come and celebrate with us and for Holden to feel special (since Parker doesn’t give a crap and would probably prefer to have NO ONE come over since he hates practically everyone right now). You could give Holden a rubberband and he’d love you forever.. but I honestly think i’ll be crushed if hardly anyone shows up to not just one kid’s party- but a JOINT party.
This is the first year that Holden actually comprehends what’s going on. He knows what a birthday is (sort of), he knows that he can ask for presents, he knows there will be a party. He for the first time is genuinely excited. For that reason I want it to be perfect for him.

And we have a pretty bad track record with party attendance, unfortunately. Holden’s first birthday had an amazing turn out.. but since then, with Parker’s baby shower and Holden’s 2nd.. it’s dwindled. It didn’t matter then, Holden never minded.. but now I worry about hardly any kids coming. Holden LOVES other kids. He is in heaven when other kids are around. That’s how I want his birthday party to be. Kid heaven. Cars crap everywhere, and tons of kids around to enjoy it with him.

I start to stress very early about the turnout. We still have over a week but most of the RSVPs (which is very few) that we’ve gotten so far have been “No”. All reasons I understand, but will Holden? Maybe he won’t care. Actually he probably won’t at all, but i’ll be sad that his and Parker’s party wasn’t what I had intended it to be. Holden asks EVERY day for his cousin to come to the party.. and I already know his cousin’s mother won’t let him come. I won’t get into how ridiculous and evil I find that to be.. and I don’t know how to break it to Holden that he won’t be coming. Sigh.

Regardless, even if NO ONE shows up, I want it to be awesome. I want the decorations and the cupcakes and everything else to be perfect. I want him to be so excited that he can’t even contain himself.
Which brings me to my other stresser: how in the world do I decorate the house? Do 3 year olds play games? If so, WHAT games? Is a pinata worth it? I have ideas of what I want but I have no idea if they fit within our budgetary constraints.

As stressed as I get, I look forward to the birthday party (and now a double) all year. I love throwing it. I love people coming and loving the things I bake and how cute everything looks.

I guess only time will tell how it goes.. I have no idea thus far. I know I have plates and napkins and cups and favors.. probably too many of everything.

Put me out of my misery and RSVP people! That way I know whether to not make a fabulous Jr. Mint Mater cupcake for you or not! They are NOT to be missed, I can promise you that much! And the party favors are kick-ass too.

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