The countdown is well underway

If I stop and think about things in terms of numbers, it really freaks me out. When you list time in terms of “weeks”, it sounds like a long time even when it isn’t. I prefer to stay in denial for as long as humanly possible.. or at least until I realize i’ve been a moron and have to scramble to get everything done in time for whatever it is that i’ve been counting down to.

Let’s see.. Holden’s birthday? A week from tomorrow. Today is practically over so really it’s 7 days away. I don’t think i’ve fully braced myself for my baby to turn 3.
The boys birthday party? A little over two weeks. 15 days from tomorrow. Doesn’t ‘over two weeks’ sound like so much more time?
Parker’s birthday? A little under three weeks. 20 days from tomorrow. A little more time to mentally prepare myself.. but still not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things.

And of course there’s that unknown clock counting down to when we might have to move out looming in the forefront of my mind.

For Holden’s real birthday, we’re taking him to the NASCAR cafe. I loathe NASCAR.. but the kid is so obsessed with Cars, that’s the closest I can get him without traveling all the way to Disney.
So that’s nothing to stress out about too much.

We got the invites printed and labeled yesterday, and sent out today. It seriously took up most of my night trying to figure out who to invite. Of course, I want EVERYONE to come. A double birthday party for my boys? Big milestone birthday for Parker? The whole WORLD should come and celebrate. Statistics will tell you that only 25% of the people you invite to a party will show up, though. What a sad statistic.
With that said, I always feel like a lot of my invites are what I call “courtesy invites.” Though you want the people to come, you know they won’t.. but you send one to them anyway in the hope that for once, maybe they’ll prove you wrong- all the while mostly knowing it just won’t happen.

Still I hope it’s a HUGE blowout, that every single person I invite shows up.. and the boys have an awesome time. Junior mint Mater cupcakes for everyone!! Even if that means a hell of a lot more work for me.. and therefore more stress, it will be worth it.

Let’s all just hope this house situation doesn’t take yet another turn for the weird and awful and we get forced out the weekend of their birthday party. It would make for a hell of a lot more room in the house for people.. but I think my head would explode from stress and i’d pass out on the floor in the middle of the birthday party. Surprised I didn’t do that last year, what with being 9 months pregnant and all.
I’m not sure which situation I prefer less. Yikes.

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