Birthday Picture Post

Since it took me almost TWO hours to write up the birthday blog last night.. there was no way I was spending any more time posting pictures. Not to mention I was completely and totally exhausted and I don’t think my body would have allowed it anyways.

So let’s get straight to it(and I apologize for my blog layout SUCKING so hard it will cut half of all these pictures off)!

Night before. Kristen, Jen and myself and an assembly line of Maters

This is what happens when you run out of ‘tires’ for another Mater and it’s coming up on 3am:

Ended up with a fridge filled with Maters:

Morning of, starting the decorating process in the dining room:

Huge wall sized Cars mural courtesy of Kristen:

Coffee table Cars scene:


Table of Maters:

Waiting for the other guests to arrive, Holden & Haleigh play house:

Presents start piling up:

My other friend took pictures of the carrying out of the birthday ‘cakes’.. this is what my camera caught. Holden eating his birthday candle thinking it was candy:

Parker eating his messily home made smash cake:

After Holden ate Mater’s face off:

Holden opening gifts:

Parker opening gifts:

Holden’s new room:

The aftermath:

Morning after:

And that, in a very short nutshell.. was the party decorating, throwing, and cleaning experience!

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