Birthday Madness Wrap Up

Right now, 9:13pm on Sunday night is the first time i’ve stopped moving long enough to sit and have a real moment to myself since I woke up on Friday morning and began the intense, crazy, and stressful preparations for the birthday party.

It has been a LONG road but it’s finally over! I never thought i’d see my floors again after Saturday afternoon.

Suppose we should start from the beginning, as I do each year.

Any spare chance I got on Thursday while home alone with the boys, I was attempting to clean something that would be seen by prying eyes. Things that hadn’t been cleaned or sorted through in a LONG time.. because we’re lazy, probably more because we have two kids and it’s easier to forget about those sorts of unimportant things at the end of the day.
Surprisingly I got a lot done.
Friday Thomas had the day off so we spent it running around to different places getting last minute needs. Sodas, chips, dip. Cocoa powder and peanut butter chips for the cookies Holden specifically requested. Two more table covers. One for behind the dining room table (you’ll see pictures if I can ever get them uploaded), and one for the coffee table (which was more to hide the massive amounts of messy stacks of books we have hiding in it). Things of that nature.

We expected our friend Kristen and her little guy Damian to arrive around 5pm but traffic held that up quite a bit. She pulled into town at 7pm and we took the boys (Parker no longer sick but covered in speckles with busted gums around his front tooth that’s coming in so still not happy) to meet her at Chick Fila.

Once we all got back to the house, we got our boys down for bed but Damian had slept so much on the very long car ride here that he wasn’t having anything to do with sleep so he hung out with us while we started the incredibly long and far more complicated baking process than we expected.
Got the HUGE batch of cupcake mix ready.. failed at trying to get them neatly into cups (regular sized and mini) and popped the first batch in the oven. The junior mints in the center decided to explode all over the place while baking and make it nearly impossible to pull them out. That was fun times. The next batch we sprayed the hell out of the pan and then put the liners in. Worked out much better that time around.

While all of that cooled, we made the cookie dough, and then baked (or should I say slightly over baked) those.

I think at that point it was around midnight.. maybe 1 in the morning, and my friend Jen who had just gotten off of work.. who is a much better baker than me, showed up to help. Help much needed and much appreciated I might add. I can’t even IMAGINE how long the actual putting together process of the mater cupcakes would have taken had she not showed up.

When I said the other night that I bit off more than I could chew with the Mater cupcakes.. it was an understatement. A large one.

It was intense. From dying the cream cheese frosting, to trying to ice parts of the mini cupcake (cut in half) white.. to spilling brown frosting all over myself while trying to ice the main part of Mater’s body.. cutting the white cake boards into neat little squares to put Mater on.. adding the eyes and tires, cutting the gum into two pieces for the teeth. Making Parker’s “smash cake.”
It getting so late that we started making.. special.. cupcakes (One we lovingly named Cataract Yamaka Kitty).
We didn’t fall into bed until after 3am. And when I opened my eyes again it was 8am. Later than any of us usually sleep in.

From that point on I did not sit down again for a very very long time.

Right after breakfast I got Holden and I dressed, and we plus Kristen and Damian made a run to Toys R Us and the party store. I had gift cards for the boys sent from my Aunt Heather and family because she wasn’t sure if she could make it to the party so I got Parker a really neat tool bench that Damian seemed to love, and got Holden a present he’s been BEGGING for and I know no one else was getting him- Dragon Lightning McQueen.

Off to the party store (next door), and we got Parker’s Halloween costume (I had a coupon).. which was NOT what I thought it would be (Holden wanted him to be a dragon but the only one they had in his size was a tad too girly for my liking)… but cute nonetheless.
Then we had to wait probably 30 minutes for them to blow up our balloons, which were way more expensive than I thought they’d be. They seriously CHARGE you to blow up balloons you BUY there. Stupid.
Getting the balloons into the car? Ten minute fight. Such a large fight that when I finally succeeded, the woman in the car next to us said “Congratulations!”

Damian fell asleep on the way home, so we were able to start cleaning more as soon as we got back to the house, and some slight decorating. I don’t know why I chose to sweep and mop before I knew little kids would be coming over. I definitely won’t do that again! But it’s what I did.
And then we had to feed the boys a quick lunch and attempt to get them down for a nap. All went down pretty easy but Damian is a sly one. No nap for him! So we had to try and keep him at least somewhat quite while the other boys slept so we could finish the decorating process.

Moving the table, pulling out the leaves, putting up the plastic table cloth behind the table (NOT easy to do. Tape sucks.), decorations and some food on to the table. Placing Cars around the house in positions I knew wouldn’t last but looked cute for the moment. Hanging the HUGE Cars mural on the wall in the dining room that fell down probably 3 times.. again, tape SUCKS. We finally had to resort to thumb tacks. Not my house anymore, I don’t care about holes in the walls!

Then our friends Andy, Christina, Nikki and Haleigh showed up at 2 (one hour before party time) to help us finish setting up.
Within about 5 minutes Holden and Haleigh had the living room totally destroyed. Ah well, kids party- should have seen that one coming!
From there it was streamers, balloons out on the light post at the end of our driveway, cupcakes out and strategically placed.. bringing in the presents we’d hidden.

And then it was the wait for people to show up. You just never know with a party who will ACTUALLY come verse who SAYS they are going to come.

Slowly but surely though, people started filtering in. Even had a surprise visit from one of my oldest friend’s and her little boy. She was only in town for one day and made a point to stop by the party. I thought that was so sweet.
Lots of people, and I mean about half, came very late- but I was just happy they came. I wasn’t sure how long I could hold off on the cupcakes and presents before the troops got restless. Holden had already attempted to steal a cupcake 4 times. I think our house was so full that Holden didn’t even think to ask why Uncle Biff wasn’t there (nope didn’t show! douche)
I think the older girls definitely kept him busy. He’s a big fan of older girls.

The party started at 3 and I think we did cake around 4:30. I was so frazzled at that point (i’m not a fantastic hostess by any means) that when we sang the birthday song I totally forgot to sing Parker’s name (others remembered, just not me). Going to have mommy guilt about that one for a long time.
Holden was so excited to blow out his candle that he almost burnt off his eyelashes. And then thought the candle was candy and took a HUGE bite out of the bottom. Once I got him to spit that into my hand (yummy) I told him to go at Mater.
He bit the face off. “I ATE HIS EYES!!!!”
Another thing I didn’t consider- as cute as the Mater cupcakes turned out(they were a HUGE hit).. they easily had to be the messiest cupcakes on the face of the earth.

I also didn’t plan how we were going to open presents.. or how many presents the boys were going to get. Absolutely spoiled ROTTEN.
I had Holden on one side of the living room, and Thomas had Parker on the other side.. and we just started opening at the same time.
It was such a clusterfuck that a few presents didn’t even get opened by Holden. My dad was bringing presents in to us to open and assumed that ones that weren’t wrapped.. like Dragon Lightning McQueen had already been opened. Sad I didn’t get to see his face while opening that. Most of what we got, unless someone told me specifically what they brought- I have NO idea who they’re from. I didn’t even know what Parker had gotten at ALL until after the party was over.
After every present Holden would say thank you to whomever I pointed out.. and randomly would yell “THANK YOU EVERYONE!” it was just so sweet.

Parker by that point had just about had it. He was doing really really well, letting people hold him.. playing on the floor with the other kids.. eating potato chips.. but we had to make him skip his 5pm nap.. and totally spaced on his 5pm bottle. So he was exhausted AND hungry and becoming more and more irritable by the minute. Poor thing was still covered in speckles but at least looked a lot better than the day before.

Once we finally got all of the presents open.. it was time to attempt to set up Holden’s new room. We filtered the people left at the party who wasn’t going to help (not that they wouldn’t- we didn’t ask) or had a small child to watch outside so the work could be done.
It probably wouldn’t have taken very long- but yet again, another thing we didn’t consider.. positioning of furniture. That took them a while to figure out how to get everything that was in the room that was staying to fit along with the new furniture.

Once it came together, though.. it looked awesome. We brought Holden in (who we’d managed to keep out up until that point), and he doesn’t show excitement like I always hope he will- but he jumped into the new bed and said he wanted to go to sleep. And then he played in there pretty much for the rest of the night. Didn’t even want to come out for dinner.

Andy, Christina, Nikki and Haleigh stayed late to help us clean up a bit and put together Holden’s toys and unbox a lot of crap. Again, words can not describe how helpful they all were!

Still, when they left- the house was a total and absolute WRECK. I have never seen it like that. Ever. Scary. It looked like it got hit by 3 tornadoes in a row.
I’d probably have cleaned all night but Andy and Christina came back just as we were getting the boys to bed to have a few drinks and play cards so I got a slight break from my manic mode.

I spent ALL day today cleaning. The floor was so dirty the bottoms of my feet were black. We have probably 5 bags of recycling and 5 bags of trash to go out. The boys have more toys to play with than they could ever DREAM of playing with. I still haven’t taken down the huge Cars mural from the dining room wall. I want to move it to Holden’s room but I definitely need to find a better way to adhere it.

And then I stop and think.. how will I ever top this next year?? This was the craziest weekend ever. I am totally exhausted. I just want to collapse! I still have to tell everyone thank you for their gifts (even if I might not know what they brought).. upload pictures. Get pictures from other people who were kind enough to take pictures.. etc etc etc.
It’s over but there’s still so much to do.

BLAH! Birthdays!!! At least I have a whole year until I have to throw another party. And a whole year to stress myself about what we’ll do for that party.

I was going to post the pictures with this post.. but I think it’s going to be so big it’s going to have to have its own post. So tomorrow for the pictures! It’s already 10:42. I’ve been blogging for almost 2 hours! GAH! Everything takes longer than it should!

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