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Last night, I had come to the decision that I was totally GUNG-HO on our legal situation. Let’s do it! Let’s go for it! Let’s sue that rat bastard for everything we deserve!

Leave it to the interweb to totally psyche me out.

Not only are there a bunch of negative Nancys on legal advice forums who seem to think that every lawyer we hire is going to completely screw us over and end up charging us 30k in legal fees for a 10k lawsuit.. which I don’t believe, it seems absolutely absurd- but being as I have no legal experience, it got to me a little.

And then after speaking with a friend who has previously sued a landlord.. I came to the stark realization that even if we do win (which I still think we would)- that rat bastard can appeal. He can appeal until he is “blue in the face” (as my friend put it). That was the ONE thing I hadn’t taken into consideration. I don’t know how I let that factor go by the wayside.
We looked into our finances, and we can afford what the lawyer estimated would be our costs for the ONE suit, the one go-round. We hadn’t even considered what would happen if the thieving turd decides to appeal (and don’t most skeevy bastards who don’t want to pay appeal? especially since he’s ALREADY a lawyer and can just represent himself or have the new lawyer at his skeevy thieving office represent him, so he’s not out ANY money) and we have to go BACK to court. That would just be MORE money on top of what we already scrounged together.. That is NOT good news.

There’s no guarantee he’d take it that far. He didn’t sue the actual owner of the house, for the house, when she had “signed it away” when he could have.. if he was in the right. He wasn’t. He backed off and let her just have the house back.. only to go into foreclosure. WAY TO GO!
So maybe, just MAYBE, he’d cut his losses, not want to go to court or get reported to the Bar association.. and settle.
Small chance there.

Still, words can not describe how skeevy and cheap and shady this dude is. He advertises on Craigslist. What upstanding lawyer advertises “I can save your house from foreclosure!” on Craigslist?? Yeah, we see how well that worked with THIS house! FAIL!!!

So now i’m at a standstill.. I don’t know how to proceed. I want to sue. I just don’t want to end up paying more than we’d win in legal fees because of his dumb ass appealing it over and over again.

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