All booked up

I feel so busy lately that i’m having flashbacks to when Parker was seriously ill and we spent every other day at a doctor’s office of some sort.

It’s a little different now, seeing as how things aren’t so serious.. but with Parker turning 1 in just a few days the appointments from all the different doctors are starting to pile up.
Last week it was an on-call doctor to see him for whatever the hell that fever/rash was. Unexpected, but not something i’m not used to doing.

In the next week he has two more appointments. Tomorrow is his LONG awaited follow-up with the GI. I’d wanted him to see the GI again LONG before he turned 1, but getting in to see anyone was seriously impossible unless we wanted them to call us an hour before an appointment that would be an hour away.. which if you do the math is impossible to make happen. I have SO many questions to ask, problems to bring up that have been building up. Not sure if i’ll actually get ANY answers to any of them but i’ll go insane if I don’t get them aired out to a medical “professional” to find out if the lack of eating, the hatred for milk, and now absolute refusal of bottles is normal. Plus the very very low (and almost at a standstill) weight gain.

Then on Saturday he has his 1 year checkup, and Holden has his 3yr. Lots of needles, poling and prodding.. It’s going to be a FUN way to spend our Saturday!
Again, a billion questions to ask. Probably the same ones i’m going to ask the GI tomorrow.. but a lot of times when you ask a specialist a certain question, they’ll tell you to “ask your pediatrician”.. so i’m somewhat expecting that tomorrow even though a lot of the questions I have pertain to eating issues which you THINK a GI would handle- we’ll see about that.

I just have no idea at this point if what Parker is eating is enough once he’s off formula.. or if I should take him off of formula if he refuses table food (which he still does).. but why keep him ON formula if he won’t take that anymore either? I really don’t know what to do with the kid anymore.. and I just hope SOMEONE we see this week will have answers for us.

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