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After today’s appointment with the GI doctor- it appears our ‘doctor’s visited’ count tally will be moving on up to 11.
Parker will now be seeing 4 doctors (3 specialists) semi-regularly. The newest being a Speech Therapist.
Like the last time I mentioned seeing a speech therapist, I got a lot of mixed responses. The assumption is that speech therapists are only for speech- not true. They also help children with eating issues.. And Parker definitely has eating issues.

After I aired all of my concerns (whether they be valid or irrational), the GI agreed that while Parker is in fact at the age where kids are notoriously picky- he is definitely behind where he should be table-food/milk wise.

Whether it be a taste, consistency or chewing issue- there’s definitely some intervention needed to figure out if there’s anything that can be done to help him.. or maybe how to feed him differently to get him to eat. And i’ve heard some real success stories from friends who have either taken their kids, or known someone to take their kids to a speech therapist.. so for once i’m not dreading seeing another specialist. Dreading the copay? Yes.

I swear this GI makes the weirdest comments about Parker. The first time we saw him he made a comment about Parker’s “protruding forehead”.. caught me off guard- especially when you consider that a forehead has nothing to do with intestinal issues so why even bring it up?

This time he kept pointing out Parker’s “recessed bottom jaw” as a possible source of his eating issues. I had to point out that the weak bottom jaw is hereditary.. as I have one, as did my mom. I can’t recall if it caused me eating issues as a baby.. but it doesn’t cause me eating issues now that’s for sure. The GI said it could just tire him out from chewing more quickly.
There’s that and the fact that his frenulum is attached all the way at the bottom of his top gums- which I know isn’t normal, and have had friends whose kids have had to have surgery to correct it to help their eating.

I’m still not sure if either of those things are really causing the issue.. since Parker CAN eat table food, when he finds something he likes.. he absolutely inhales it. It’s just the issue of him not wanting to try anything at all, ever. Doesn’t even attempt anything other than what he already knows.

Either way, regardless of WHAT the issue is or what is causing it.. there’s an issue that we need help correcting. And it’s best to find out if there’s anything that can be done or be fixed now than wait and have a 16 month old who won’t eat or drink anything other than water, crackers, tomato slices and french fries.

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