Wish granted

I am fully convinced that teething is an invention of the devil. No, I don’t believe in the devil- but that’s how strongly I hate teething!

Our whining extravaganza is in full swing! Every day I think he can’t POSSIBLY whine and cry more than the day before- and every day he likes to surprise me by pulling out all the stops.

Somehow today I caught a glimpse inside of his mouth and noticed his top left middle tooth is just about to burst. Painfully so. It’s so close I can see part of it through the gums, so I know we’re at the crescendo of pain.. and Parker does not handle pain well.
After vomiting up over half of his breakfast, he proceeded to scream and cry for pretty much the entire rest of the day. Child wouldn’t even let me stand up without crinkling his face and letting out a shriek I imagine can only be paralleled by skinning a cat.
I don’t have to wonder anymore why I wake up with my tailbone and back killing me.. it’s because Parker isn’t happy unless i’m sitting on the ground letting him lay in my lap and do a mix of whining and sucking his thumb.

Today I got my bowl of cereal spilled all over my lap thanks to Parker.. food all over my shoulder because he refused his lunch solids.. and a near migraine from all the whining and crying. I couldn’t even pee without him freaking out, even though I brought him into the bathroom with me.
Not a good day at all.
As I said yesterday, he eats pretty well in public so I knew the only way to get any substance into him would be to go out to eat.. so that’s what we did.

Sure enough, he ate just fine. It has to be the distraction. He sees so many people around he forgets that either he hates solid food, or that his mouth is in searing pain. All of the waiters absolutely insisted on rubbing his fussy head.. and just like the Chick Fila cow, he found them all terrifying if they even dared to make eye contact.

Luckily that didn’t stop his eating streak and he even ate a bunch of my rice by his own hand.

At least I got one hour of peace. Just what I needed in order to not snap.

This again proves my point that we’d never have issues with Parker eating ANYTHING if we ate every meal out of the house. We just can’t seem to distract him from his issues enough at home. If we ate every meal out, though, i’m positive we’d not only go broke.. but get seriously disgustingly fat.

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