Trouble Shopping

Sort of like trouble shooting.. but for .. shopping.. Yeah i’m sure you get it.

Before I buy ANYTHING online, I always give it the good ol’ Google try and search for online coupons I may not already know about. Trust me when I say: DO THIS. It will save you a lot of money, as it has saved me!

Upon realizing that Summer is almost over and soon enough Fall will be here.. I also came to the realization that Holden has basically NOTHING to wear for that season. Nothing he fit into last fall/winter will fit this fall/winter. Kids, do they EVER stop growing?? I’ve picked up things here and there that I found on super clearance that I THOUGHT might fit him this year.. but if you know Holden- you know you can never shop too far in advance because he grows completely unpredictably. Buy one size up? It’ll end up being two sizes up.

Wouldn’t you know my luck when I saw a commercial on TV for the Old Navy Kids sale. Up to 40% off. ENDS TOMORROW!! (today)
So I knew we had to go, just to try and capitalize on the deals, because paying full price is for suckers.
We go out of our way to rush to the mall after Thomas got off of work yesterday.. only to get there and find NO such sale going on. Confused, and pissed.. I find two shirts that are still relatively cheap and snatch them up, but otherwise leave far more empty handed then i’d planned.

I thought.. well, MAYBE the sale is just not at our stupid Old Navy. So I go to the website last night, and POOF, there’s the big banner for the 40% off sale. And it doesn’t say online only (Thomas had suggested maybe that was the case). AND it said Free Shipping for any Kids purchase over a certain amount. Double score!

So I go shopping. The way I do it is I put everything I like in my cart and trim it down at the end.. and then put in all the promo codes i’v collected (Old Navy lets you use multiple coupon/promo codes).
Takes me a while but I am finally to the checkout point.. only to be told NO!!! No free shipping! Your purchase isn’t a “KIDS” purchase.. it’s a “BABY” purchase. Even though i’m buying 4-5T. Grrrrr. I search for other coupons online but can’t find a single thing that would pertain to my order. The only slightly sneaky thing I could find was a $10 one time discount for signing up my e-mail address for Old Navy updates. My regular e-mail has been a part of that email list for a LONG time and never got that stupid discount, so I signed up my secondary email.
Bam, $10 off! Pretty good. Still a slightly expensive order, but Holden desperately needs the clothes and this would pretty much stock him completely up other than maybe a few pairs of pants and a jacket.

I was fine with the purchase until I got a nice little e-mail in my inbox from Old navy this morning stating that NOW, ALL orders over $75 qualify for not only free shipping, but %30 off. And my order was at 11:59pm. One minute off from getting that deal.

Since Parker was screaming when I got that email, I sent Old navy customer service a message stating my displeasure of not being able to get that deal by 1 stinkin’ minute and hoped for a response. Nothing.
Let me state for the record: I highly dislike calling companies and complaining. I’m just not good at it, and I get frustrated very quickly.. but this would be a LARGE discount from the price I paid so it wasn’t something I could just let slide. That money back would pay for the pants and jacket Holden still needs!

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do things you don’t like to get the result you want.

So once Thomas got home from work and I didn’t have screaming children following me around the house, I gave them a call.
Lo and Behold, their policy is that as long as you call within 24 hours of your purchase, you can get the newer discount on the order. Score!
Unfortunately- their damn system was down!! Which meant I had to call back and complain to someone ELSE. Gah!

Currently, my ear is burning off of my head after spending something like 25 minutes on hold.. but i’m getting my damn money back so I consider it a win!

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