This is the song that never ends

We may have gotten duped by this house situation.. but Thomas and I are not stupid people by any means.
After the first time this house was on the verge of going to auction- i’ve been suspicious. The reasons they gave us for why it almost happened? I wasn’t sold on them. I was pretty sure there was a lot going on behind the scenes and we were purposely being kept in the dark- but really I NEVER thought it was that the owner was going to end up NOT selling through the broker, we would lose our entire downpayment thanks to that.. and even though we’re paying her for the mortgage- somehow it would once AGAIN get put up for foreclosure auction. That was SO far out of the realm of the level of shadiness I thought was going on.

So where did we last leave off?
Ahh yes. Last time I wrote about it- it seemed as though we had two options. Buy from the owner, who assured us she had stopped the foreclosure.. through a short sale. No downpayment.
Or buy through the broker, which would mean moving and probably having to pay back our tax credit in order to keep our downpayment.
Both crap ass options.
That was it. We were stuck there until there was some movement from someone ELSE on this situation. We can’t do anything about this house.. we’re no longer in any kind of contract. Hell, we haven’t even paid rent for this month because we specifically told them we would not be paying them if they didn’t write up a rental agreement and prove that we weren’t randomly going to be tossed out because they lied and didn’t stop the foreclosure.

On Wednesday the mailman knocked on my door while I wasn’t decent, so I couldn’t answer. What he left was a notice that he had a certified letter for the owners of the house. Without even seeing it, I knew it had to be bad news. It’s always bad news when the owners get certified letters in this house!

Two days later when the mailman FINALLY dropped off FOUR certified letters- my suspicions were confirmed.
They were all letters from the law firm who had taken over the foreclosure proceedings stating that this house IS in fact still up for foreclosure sale, in front of the city courthouse, at the end of this month.
Well, no wonder the owner, lawyer and real estate agent haven’t been returning our calls or written up a rental contract! Sigh..

After that, they all decided to start returning our calls. Shocker!
Now, in order to save the stupid house they’re having to give their deed to the city.. which means all kinds of appraisers have been coming into our house and stalking around the outside like creeps, taking pictures and intruding on our lives (and Parker HATES strangers).. because the owners just can’t get their damn act together and are pretty much going to ruin all of our lives because of it.
How much more ridiculous can this get?? Is someone going to knock on my door in a few weeks saying they bought the house and we have to get out? I honestly wouldn’t doubt it at this point. I’m not sure anything could shock me anymore.

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