Strange contraption

We have long since given up on the notion of Parker peacefully sucking on a pacifier and nodding off to sleep.. or plugging his huge mouth up when he’s screaming.
It just seemed like a huge waste of time when the only point during the day where he’d even come close to sucking on one was nap time.. and only because the pacifier was jammed between his mouth and my boob. Even then, to say he was sucking on it would be a gross overstatement.

Most houses have a junk drawer.. we have a binky drawer. Half opened packages. All different sizes and brands.. probably every different kind that’s made. What a waste!

Most days, i’m truly relieved he doesn’t take a pacifier. They are a serious pain in the ass. I never let Holden crawl or walk around the house sucking on one, I just didn’t want him getting that attached.. but the kid refused to sleep without one- and sometimes while shopping he’d get so upset i’d have to pull out the emergency binky to keep from embarrassing myself and the flood of dirty looks that always follow when you lug around a screaming baby.
Of course, the trade off is thumb sucking.. which I hate even more.

Lately though, not even the thumb is stopping the intense amount of screaming and whining that fills the voids of this house. My head feels like exploding at the end of every day.

So a brilliant idea popped into my head. The binky drawer! Genius! Maybe now that he doesn’t have the latching issues he had as an infant, he’ll finally figure out what to DO with a pacifier when I stick it in his mouth other than drop it. It’s been long enough from the last time we tried one to this time for him to maybe forget that he didn’t know how to suck on one.

I took him into his room and opened up the infamous binky drawer and dug around until I found one he hasn’t grown out of already, and popped it in.
Chew, chew, chew. Drop. Giggle.
He thought it was just the most hilarious thing on the earth. Pacifiers to Parker are just another fun thing to chew on instead of the intended purpose of sucking for soothing.

It’s hopeless! Days full of whining it is!

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