No matter how ridiculous this situation our family has found ourselves in.. no matter how bad it seems to get, how confusing- it seems it can, and DOES always get worse.

I think most people in our situation would sit here in this house.. without much thought to it, rent free.. just waiting for whatever is to happen, to just happen. Woohoo! Free living! That’s nice and all.. but it’s unnerving.

I’m not the spontaneous type. I don’t like surprised. I don’t like the unknown..
Perhaps it would be a little different if it weren’t so close to the boys’ birthday party.. but it seriously stresses me out to no end to not be positive if we’re even going to be here when the birthday party happens. To have worked so hard on the invitations and to not know whether or not we can send them out with our current address or not, because there is a good possibility the bank will want us out in 2 weeks.

See, here’s the thing though. Since we aren’t the type to sit and wait for someone ELSE to make the first move, we called the agent assigned to our house after it was taken by the bank the first chance we got.
We wanted to know right then what the bank wanted us to do.. what the options were, what was expected of us, what they were offering.
We wanted to know ALL of our options as soon as humanly possible. It’s important when you have two kids and a big joint birthday party on the horizon to be able to plan. I like to plan. I like order when it comes to birthday parties.. when it comes to where we’re going to live. And I HATE moving.. especially when it could be ANY time. If it’s going to happen.. I want to know when- and I want to know as soon as the decision is made.

Now, you’d think the bank would not be so happy with someone living in a foreclosed home, free of charge- for months on end. Doesn’t seem very productive, right?
And when I researched out type of situation online, it seemed that in most cases- the banks were mean and swift. Life with us is always different. Never goes the way you’d expect.
The bank that now owns the house we live in has to be THE laziest bank on the planet. The agent in charge has sent them emails about our situation now.. and they’ve been basically non-responsive.
No answer as to whether they’ll let us rent the house or for how much or for how long. Nothing. We keep calling.. and keep getting nothing in return.
The agent literally told us “Well, just enjoy living rent free for now!”

I wish I COULD enjoy living rent free.. but knowing that ANY day the bank could come back and say they either don’t want to rent, or comparing this house to comps in the area and raising our rent substantially stresses me out to no end. It could go ANY way at this point.. and I just want to know as soon as possible which way that’s going to be. I like to be prepared.

I’d love to stay in this house for now, and rent it at the same monthly payment as we are now.. but I have no idea if that’s even possible because we’re not getting any answers.
Hell, i’ve even looked at rentals and planned out what i’m going to say incase they come back with a monthly payment too high, or want us to move..
but all of that is pointless until we have an answer from the bank.. who now holds our fate in their hands.

The only thing I know for sure right now is that we have an appointment with a lawyer (one of the best real estate/contract attorneys in the area) Thursday morning to see if we can get our down payment back.. and I am terrified he will say it’s gone for good.

I hate that everything in our lives is up in the air all at once. How ridiculous is this??
Every day I close my eyes and pray.. to whoever or whatever, that something, for ONCE, will go in our favor. There has to be some kind of balance of Karma here. WHEN will that be though? Just one more thing to stress about.

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  • I remember feeling the *same* way. Not knowing where I’d be living, or if I’d even have a place when Bailey was born, or for christmas and how to send invites for Collin’s 2nd birthday. It was a total PITA. I hope you get answers sooner than I got mine. And are given more notice than I was.