The saga continues.. and appears it will NEVER end!

Seriously, can we NEVER get good news anymore? This crap is just getting ridiculous. Every day with this house it’s something new and slightly horrible. I’m handling it better than I think most people would (which is surprising when you consider how much of a stress pot I am), but it’s really starting to effect my physically. Every time I hear MORE pieces of bad news, I get nauseous. I just don’t think I can take much more without puking on the spot! I’m just sick to my stomach all the time thinking about this situation we’re stuck in.

Thomas had the day off today so we went out for a quick lunch and then to get his hair cut.. and when we got home, there was a big fat notice on our door from the bank.
Basically it said “WE OWN THIS HOUSE NOW” and then another piece of paper with the real estate agent who’s been assigned this house via the bank, and some possible options we may have as renters. I got a little hopeful, because the paper said the bank might just let us stay in this house and rent it month to month. That’s the first time i’ve heard that, even from all my research online when I was reading into our rights and the possibilities of what could happen.

We called the agent right away.. and the guy was kind of a dick. Even after explaining the situation, he seemed caught up on the fact that we no longer have a lease for this house (even though that wasn’t by our choice or our fault). “Well the bank isn’t just going to let you sit in the house. They’re going to want you to move.”
Duh. We didn’t expect the bank to want us to sit here.. but I looked up Fannie Mae (the bank that now owns our house), and found their pdf form about people in a situation similar to ours, and it ALL says they should offer us a new contract. The previous shouldn’t matter anymore.

Our situation is shitty, but I am VERY informed about our rights as tenants in a foreclosed house.

Fannie Mae, in most cases, offers a lease to the tenant while they list the house and try to sell it. I don’t know why this guy doesn’t seem to think that is going to happen for us.
Even if they DO.. they could up our rent substantially. They look at comps in the area, and base rent off of that.. not what we were previously paying. That won’t work for us. I won’t pay more for this house than what we were paying before. It’s not worth more than that.
And I know that in order to get us out, they’ll either have to spend an asinine amount of money on court costs and fixing this house once we take everything that’s ours.. or give us money to move (cash for keys). I know that for a fact. I also know they’ll try to low-ball us. They’ll probably offer something like $1,500. No way in hell will I take that tiny amount of money to uproot my family in under 30 days.
Considering how much they’d have to spend to evict us.. and how much we could make by taking our 90 days allowed by law.. they need to offer us at LEAST 6k for it to be worth it to us for us to leave and then clean afterward. And I have no problem arguing with an agent about it. We deserve what we deserve, and we won’t let them try to crap on us for something that wasn’t our fault. That’s for damn sure.

We’ve also desperately been trying to find an attorney to help us get our down payment back. We’ve called 3 now. The first doesn’t work with tenants, the second was out of the office and will call us back on Monday.. and the third didn’t answer at all. I really want to get this ball rolling. I’m sick of waiting and wondering if what happened to us is legal. Sick of stressing about whether or not we can get that money back.

Seriously, still waiting for the axe to drop. Waiting on the agent for the house to call us back and tell us our fate.. and waiting for the lawyer to call back and tell us if he can help us or not. And even after that we’ll have to wait to go in and see him and tell him the WHOLE story, and show him the paperwork.
I have no patience left for this crap.

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  • Hey Sweetie! It’s “MommaDucks” from JM. 🙂 Sorry things have been so rough. Just one year ago I was in the VERY same spot. We rented, house was foreclosed. Our lease was terminated with no fault of us. We were offered a month to month lease with a $150 rent cut. The punch line was, as soon as it was sold we had to get out. We ended up going to court because we refused to pay the rent. We lived there 4 months rent free. Went to court and got a Feb move out date. In Nov. we were offered $3500 to get out within 2 weeks. Catch with that was we couldn’t get the money until all our belongings were off the property and the house was cleaned. We needed that money to pay for a security deposit and 1st months rent on a new place. We ended up having to store each one of our belongings in a uhaul truck and a few cars. Then move all of our belongings into the new house on the very same day. All with a 2 month old, 23 month old, and 4 year old running around. And no sitter. It was hard. I made it through. Me with my manic depressive addictive pessimist personality.

    I promise you things will work out.
    They will suck for a while. Hell, I hate my new apartment. It sucked going from a 6 room house with a huge backyard in a perfect neighborhood for childrearing; to a 4 bedroom apartment with lousy neighbors in the worse town, with no yard. But it is only for a year. 4 months to go!
    You will get through this! I promise you. If I can, anyone can. 🙂 The girls and I miss you in the Oct PR now that most of the drama is gone, we’d love for you to stop by sometime. Your boys are just too sweet!
    Take care!