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Most days.. actually all days- I feel like i’m paying way too much for my cell phone service. I don’t really talk on the phone all that often.. I prefer to text, but with text doesn’t come data- which isn’t a necessity but would be a nice thing to have. Unfortunately, getting what I need isn’t really a possibility when I consider how much it will cost. Outrageous sums of money!

I think about how if I weren’t signed to a 2 year contract.. or if there were no horrendous cancellation fee I might switch to a company like Boost Mobile , who is a lot more flexible than my current provider.

And unlike some of the other “pay as you go” providers, they don’t give you the cheapest phones with no goodies on the market. They carry high tiered phones like the Blackberry Curve. And you can get unlimited everything with the Blackberry (including web) for just $60 a month.

If you’re not so interested in using the internet on your phone (as a lot of people aren’t)- you can just go with a pay as you go plan. 10 cents a minute, 10 cents per text. And Boost makes it easy to pay with their Re-Boost program. Set up automatic payments, find a store near you, or register your card for future payments.

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