Parker stole the cookie from the cookie jar

I’ve learned lately that in this house, I can’t take my eyes off of my food for more than a few seconds or parts of it will disappear (or get smeared all over the floor).
You might think those evil sock gnomes were back yet again with a new devious plot to steal my food. Not that it would hurt, since i’m desperately trying to lose weight.

But no, it’s not them… it’s Parker.

No, he still won’t eat table food. Not when you put it in front of him with the purpose of consumption. He wants nothing to do with it.

He has instead turned to a life of crime.

Since he eats breakfast and lunch before us, it means he’s free to roam the room. Instead of scooting off to play with toys, he makes a bee line for my food. Not gonna happen. And as soon as he realizes that, he goes for the easy target: Holden.
Holden is stationary in what we call a “low chair”, so he has nowhere to run and can’t hide his food like I can.

Parker grabs on to that low sitting tray, pulls himself up, and starts fingering all of Holden’s food. If he finds something he likes, he grabs hold and shoves it into his mouth before Holden even gets the chance to stop him. And usually he doesn’t, he just watches Parker with a confused look on his face- wondering why his little brother insists on stealing all of his food.

It started with cookies. What kid doesn’t want cookies? He snatched half of Holden’s the other night and shoved it into his face while Holden laughed wildly.. and then complained that his cookie was gone.

Today I was shocked when Holden was finishing up breakfast, eating slices of banana- and Parker grabbed a piece like he hadn’t been fed in a month and shoved it into his mouth. A FAR bigger piece of table food than i’ve ever given him before and he ate it like a champ.

Letting him do this a few times has made him think he can do it ALL the time. He goes into a crazy screaming rage if you try to pull him away from Holden’s food because he’s about to tear the tray right off.

Strange.. and annoying. Thank you teething for making my baby so ornery.

He could make things a lot easier by eating what I put in front of him instead of wanting what everyone else has.. even if what everyone else has IS what he has. Just insists on being a thieving little turd.
I even went as far as to put some of HIS food on Holden’s tray.. just to see if he’d take that instead of something he can’t actually chew… didn’t work. It’s like he knows what is meant for him and goes for the opposite.

Parker is seriously such a strange child. What am I gonna do with that boy?

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