Out with the old, in with the… old

A bug must have crawled up my butt today, because despite the serious lack of sleep due to staying up VERY late with company, waking up late and having to scramble to get Parker his breakfast and cook breakfast for the rest of us- for some reason I found the motivation to tackle things around the house i’ve been putting off.

There are little things i’ve been avoiding.. like dusting and cleaning windows. They just never seem all that important to do. Plus our house really doesn’t collect all that much dust to begin with. Today I saw where it’s been collecting and it lit a fire under me. Upon dusting everything in the house and cleaning windows that have small smeared hand prints all over them- I came upon the one task i’ve been putting off for the longest: sorting and putting away all the clothes both Parker and Holden have grown out of.

The last series of clothes I sorted and stored were 0-3 months for Parker, and 2t for Holden. Yikes. Parker is wearing mostly 12 month clothing now.. with a few 9 month pieces and a few 18 month. Holden is in 3t-5t depending on the brand. It’s been a long time since i’ve dealt with all these clothes that have been piling up on top of both the boys dressers, and basically overflowing out of Parker’s closet and spilling all over the place. It’s bad.
I think I lost my zeal for sorting when I first took SO long to do it, listed it on Craigslist, and no one bit. Had a few inquires, but i’m still left with a huge tupperware bin of baby clothes.

Still, walking into Parker’s room and seeing the absolute chaos going on.. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I sat down and for what must have been an hour sorted everything out into bins. I never realized how many items of clothing that kid has thanks to bargain shopping, freecycle and hand me downs from friends and Holden.
Two huge bins, one medium sized bin and two large boxes, plus an entire dresser stocked full of clothes he can either wear now or soon.. and his room has been transformed.

Now what to do with these bins of clothing that is too small for both boys? There’s no way I can ever list all of these on craigslist without getting extremely confused about all the different lots i’d have to put them in..
I need to have a yard sale, stat. If only it wasn’t a law in my city to pay for a friggin’ permit to have one. And I hate haggling.

Most of me knows this stuff needs to GO, because we can always use any extra cash I can scrape up and I don’t plan on having children any time soon if at all.. but it’s always a little sad to think about selling it because it’s a little bit of a sense of finality. No more babies? Or will we screw ourselves, sell everything, and end up pregnant again like last time?
Not to mention i’ve started growing attachments to certain articles of clothing. Especially Holden’s. It’s strange to see Parker wear all of his old clothes because I have so many memories of Holden wearing them. It would have been awesome to be able to afford to get Parker a brand new wardrobe for his own little personality.. but that would be a big waste of money that we don’t have to waste.
I am happy to see his old clothes again though. I’ve missed them! At least I get to see all of them again before expunging them from the house or packing them away.. and i’m excited to see more as Parker grows into them.

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  • I don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but you can find kids stuff through a local FreeCycle chapter. You can post stuff you want to give away, and ask for stuff you might need. I find kids stuff all the time from my FreeCycle group.

  • rofl search my blog, you’ll find probably 15 blogs just about freecycle alone (and the bitch of a moderator my local one has).
    I can’t afford to give all of our stuff away or i’d have given it to goodwill for a tax write off.