One month to go

Even with all the crap going on around here, there is one thing that NEVER stops (even though sometimes I wish it would)- and that’s my boys getting older.
In exactly one month, Parker will be 1 year old. In even less time than that, Holden will be 3.

I think i’ve grown used to Holden aging.. even though he’s only 3. The first two birthdays were pretty traumatic. Now I understand i’m always going to be sad when he gets older but it’s just going to happen. I’ve yet to get to that point with Parker, this being his first go-round and all. With all of his issues, his lack of hair.. his hatred of eating “big boy food”.. and the fact that I have no idea if where we’re going to be when the birthday party date comes along next month- it’s been pretty freakin’ easy to stay in denial about just how dangerously close it is.

Then again, maybe the distractions are all just one big fat excuse after another, because soon I won’t have a baby anymore. Neither of my babies will be babies! That’s a tough pill to swallow.
Parker, for the most part, is no longer acting like a baby.. suppose i’m glossing over it for my mental well-being.
The speed-crawling, pulling up on everything, climbing, cruising, dancing.. his (now) rapid fire teething (he’s about to cut tooth #7 and 8 isn’t far behind).. it’s hard to deny that my baby is growing up fast. In a way I don’t mind, because having two kids Holden’s age would be SO much easier.. but at the same time, babyhood is so short- it’s gone before you even got time to enjoy it.

I really can’t believe it’s been almost a year already. Where did time go??

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