New Found Freedom

As sad as this may seem- I looked forward to the day where Parker became slightly more independent. Looked forward to the day of no more bottles, no more fighting with him to eat bottles..
It’s sad when your baby is so sick for so long that instead of being able to enjoy their babyhood, you see it as a hurdle to get over. You know the light is just at the end of the tunnel, if you could just make it to that point you’d be set. Greener pastures! Sunnier days! All that crap.

Well, we’re about at that point. In less than 2 months Parker won’t be on bottles anymore, and each day he becomes more and more mobile and independent. No, he’s still not doing a technical crawl.. but the kid can move pretty quickly when he wants to.
I figured when this happened, it would mean I wouldn’t have to bring him everywhere with me, he wouldn’t be as clingy, wouldn’t be as ornery about every little thing- because instead of me trying to figure out what the hell he was whining for, he could just go and get it himself.

And in some ways, it is like that. He sits on the floor and plays for a good chunk of time without freaking out because he’s getting bored. And now with his insistence on pulling up on absolutely EVERYTHING (even things no baby should be attempting to pull up on), it’s a never ending source of entertainment.. to a point.

Unfortunately, along with this new found freedom he is coming into, he has become even more ornery, whiny, and fussy than he’s EVER been.
He gets mad because he can’t move fast enough to follow me into another room so he freaks out. He gets mad because i’m not sitting next to him for him to use as a jungle gym. He is even MORE clingy than when he couldn’t move. He freaks out because he pulls up and then topples over due to his lack of balance and coordination, also causing him to have random bruises all over his face from taking nose-first plunges into the floor. He’s gotten over confident in the little balance that he has and is toppling over just reaching for something while sitting, which he never did before.

Holden was a fussy baby until he became mobile and then it was pure bliss.. Parker seems to be the exact opposite. Should have seen that one coming a mile away.

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