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I really hate it when i’ve been thinking about a blog topic all day, thinking about what i’m going to write, how i’m going to phrase it- and funny (at least to me) little quips I can stick in here and there.. And then something happens that ruins that blog, because it’s something I absolutely have to talk about instead or i’ll explode.

And from the blog title, i’m sure you can guess what the subject will be! AH YES! THE HOUSE! Shocker!

While i’m not ever shocked by anything anymore, learned my lesson on that one, I didn’t expect to hear anything more about what is or isn’t going on with this house until it got put on the market Monday. Mistake!

I see the real estate agent come up to my door while both boys were sleeping, leave the key to our front door in the mailbox.. and leave. Shortly thereafter I get a text message from Thomas. Colin (the agent) didn’t make a copy of the key for the lockbox. Why? Because the bank REJECTED the foreclosure extension. That’s right y’all, no 14 day extension. The real estate agent is basically now begging the bank to hold off because he HAS a buyer (us) and just needs time to secure the financing and all that crap.. but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Our house goes to auction on Wednesday morning because the technical owners took our money and blew it.

Perhaps I should be in a panic.. but i’m spent on the situation at this point. What to do??

Well.. now we sit here and lie in wait. We don’t pay rent anymore.. can’t charge us for a place that’s going to get snatched out from under us, especially when the owners aren’t paying ANYTHING and totally screwed us. Which is good.. we can save that money.
And IF the house sells at the sale, and the new buyer gets financing in 3 days.. it could still take something like 6 months for the sale to even go through. Which means 6 months of no paying rent. After that, if the owner or agent or whoever comes to our door and wants the keys- we don’t have to give it to them. There’s a city mandated program called “cash for keys”- where in order to get the keys from us and to have us move out, they have to pay us a substantial amount of money for us not to completely trash the house before we leave (since we have every right to do so). That plus moving costs since we are the ones who got screwed and had NO idea the whole time.
We’d have to move, but at least we’d get a lot of our money back.

Plus, we talked to someone who has worked in foreclosures for a long time and she says the agreement we signed sounds like fraud. She’s going to take a look at the paperwork and if it turns out to be shady business practice, we’ll report the lawyer who handled it (and who has our 10k down payment) to the Virginia Bar and have him audited.. and possibly get our entire down payment back and maybe even shut him down, since he’s screwing people left and right. They never treated us poorly.. but they DID take our money and run.. money we NEED. Money that was supposed to go toward the sale of this house and that sale never happened.

It’s a seriously crappy situation. I don’t want to move out of a house I worked so hard for.. and i’m worried if we DO have to move (and that’s looking likely), we won’t be able to find a house with affordable rent, or mortgage.. and a bad elementary school. I hand picked this neighborhood because it has the best elementary school in the city, and this city is KNOWN for terrible schools.

Cross your fingers. We really need it. If we’re going to get kicked out of our home, we deserve a LOT back in return. I still can’t believe all of this is happening.

On the plus side, I got an email today stating I was a grand prize winner in a Facebook contest I entered (along with 999 others).. I get a case of Strawberry Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farms. Yay for cookies!

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