Mobile Madness

He may not be able to speak a language that I can understand, but Parker sure has become opinionated lately.
Everything he does, he has a very definite reaction to. There’s no hiding his feelings, no confusion about whether he likes or hates something.
The older he gets and the more his personality really starts to shine through, the more decisions he has begun to make for himself. You read that right, HE is calling the shots, and making damn sure of it, too.

He has decided that breakfast is best when vomited up all over himself.
Yes, mommy- i’ll eat this food.. but you can’t make me keep it in my belly!!

He decided that grapes are NOT poison. In fact, they are seriously delicious and must be inhaled as fast as humanly possible (with the skin peeled off and broken into small pieces of course).
What? You’ve been trying to get me to eat these for a week? I don’t remember that. Eating grapes was MY idea!

His greatest decision in my opinion.. was the one to FINALLY crawl instead of scoot. And when he decided to take off.. he was GONE.
I had a feeling that his late move in the mobile direction would be a domino effect. Trying to catch up to the curve as fast as he can.
The day after he put two and two together and crawled on all fours, he started pulling up to his knees. Within 3 days he was pulling to stand on anything and everything. And in less than a week he started cruising from one object to the next. Not very far between things, but still a very fast progression.
Also with this new development came a new attitude. The child does not like to be told he can’t pull up on certain things.. like the oven. He also doesn’t like to be left in a room alone.. because even though he’s mobile, he is more clingy than ever. So now he just follows me from room to room, crying. Or chases Holden, laughing hysterically.

At least him being clingy means i’ve yet to lose him in the house. He only ever crawls into rooms where he knows someone is. If i’m sitting in a room, he doesn’t leave it. He’d rather climb all over me and drool on my pants.

If he keeps moving at this pace, it won’t be much longer until he’s off and walking and totally cramping Holden’s style. Then again, there are no guarantees. I thought for sure he’d be crawling at 6 months and I was WAY off there.

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