I’ll be paying for that trip for a long time

Even though it was free.

My back is still killing me. It’s been having spasms on and off all day long.. but I think either it doesn’t hurt quite as much as yesterday or i’ve just gotten used to it, because currently I don’t have the urge to throw myself off of a cliff and can actually sit and write a blog without twitching and writhing in pain.

So now on to what I was supposed to write about last night. Our trip to the water park. Not exactly where you’d expect to find me, right? I don’t particularly like the sun. I ONLY burn, never tan. I’m uncomfortable with my body and you’d probably never catch me dead these days in a bathing suit. So why the water park??

Thomas won tickets. Plain and simple. Some stupid Twitter contests the local radio station had “if you’re the first to retweet you win!” type deals.
He won the contest without the intention of ever actually GOING to the water park.. but I thought it would be fun to take the boys.

I’ve never been to the water park he won tickets to. When I was growing up, it was ALWAYS Water Country I went to. Water Country is huge, and right next to Busch Gardens.. and since we always got season passes and they’re owned by the same company- you could pay a little more and go to both parks all summer long.
And i’ll say, after visiting Ocean Breeze (the park we won tickets to)…i’d have to say that i’ll probably never go back. If we hadn’t won the tickets, and actually paid to get in, i’d have been mad. But i’ll come back to that later.

We decided to go this Saturday. Forecast was clear.. and it’s one of the last weekends the place is open.. and with all of our housing issues we had no idea what would be happening the next few weekends.

Should have been a sign of bad things to come when we got all the way to the interstate only to realize we forgot the tickets at home. Took us almost 45 minutes to get home and back to the freaking interstate- only to be welcomed with gloomy dark clouds. We considered just giving up and trying to go back the next day but decided to push on.

We finally got there.. an hour later than we’d planned- which sucked because we knew that gave us less time to let Holden play in the water since with Parker’s medicines and bottles and naps we couldn’t stay all day.
Little did I know, the park is freaking TINY.. so less time didn’t mean we wouldn’t have enough time to let him do everything.

Holden was instantly in love with everything there was to do.. Parker wouldn’t even touch the water without freaking out. Had to be held the entire time.
The park has a rule that any child under 42″ has to wear a life vest. I think Holden is close, but just to be safe we put one on him. It does give you a sense of security but honestly.. at a few points, I felt like it almost CAUSED him to drown instead of saving him.
Any time he lost his balance and fell forward, the life jacket made it so he couldn’t get his feet back under him.. leaving him face down in the water.
About gave me a damn heart attack more than once. Having to lunge and yank him out of the water was not fun. After the first time it happened, I started staying much closer to him.. in a “hovering mommy” fashion to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

Still, he desperately wanted to go down one of the tube rides, typically for older children. They told us we couldn’t take a double tube down (which we later found out was a crock as we watched everyone ELSE do it).. so he’d have to go alone. I was terrified he’d fall out, or be scared and cry the whole way down.. but the lifeguards assured me he wouldn’t fall out.. so I sucked it up, stuck him in a tube- and pushed him and watched him go. Seriously wanted to die.
I quickly followed behind him.. and realized just how FAST the ride was. I couldn’t wait to get to the bottom and snatch him up, as I was sure he’d be freaking out.

Got to the bottom, there he was- sitting in his tube, talking to the lifeguard (who wasn’t listening). I jumped out of my tube and waded over to him.. and he immediately asked to go again. He LOVED it. Insisted he wasn’t scared at all.

Even though we didn’t have to pay for tickets- we still had to eat lunch there, and that’s where they REALLY got us. Talk about price gouging. Awful!! You don’t even want to know how much we spent for less than mediocre food.
Once again, I was glad we hadn’t paid for our tickets.

Once it came time to finally leave- I was glad. And not because I wanted to go home.. Holden was having so much fun- but because I started feeling an incredibly sharp pain in my back.
Holden did NOT want to go. He started freaking out.
The only reason we got out of there without a meltdown was because we bought a highly over priced funnel cake. Funnel cakes make everything better! Even Parker, who loathes all table food was eating it and wanting more.

I would say we had a great time if when we got home I didn’t end up in horrible god awful amounts of pain.. probably from all the hovering I had to do over Holden.
The things we do for our kids!!

Once i’m twitching and squirming.. i’ll probably say the trip was worth all the trouble and the consumption of terrible food, and the embarrassment of having to wear short shorts and a bathing suit that was uncomfortable and too small..
For now, I say again- i’m glad we didn’t pay for the tickets.

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