House hunting

As much as I don’t want to- I know at this point in our house situation I have to take all options, even the worst ones, into consideration.
Staying, moving, buying, renting? Who knows what we’re going to end up doing.. or when for that matter.

If the house gets sold to someone else (and I think there’s about a 75% chance of that).. the smartest thing to do is to squat in this house for as long as possible and save up all the money we can from not paying rent to put down on another house or pay a stupid deposit for a rental property.
So although we may not be moving immediately.. I started looking online today at properties in the area that are available. Chances are in this market, if and when we DO move.. the majority of them will still be available, possibly even cheaper (the ones to purchase anyways).

I really have no idea what to even be looking for though. I don’t know IF we can buy.. or what price range will be affordable if we don’t have a down payment. In our area you also have to be very careful about where you even look. There are very nice areas, and VERY bad areas. I refuse to move my kids to the ghetto or stick them in a school zone that sucks. I’d prefer to stay in our current zone.. but the houses in our neighborhood, even in this market, are SO expensive. One house toward the back of the neighborhood (near the water) is going for 2 million right now. There are some that would be affordable.. but they aren’t for sale of course.

I’ve found VERY nice and affordable houses.. but clear across town, in areas i’m not so positive about- and even farther way from Thomas’ work (he already drives 36 miles to work every day).

Rentals? Psh. Few and far between. The houses big enough for us in decent areas are hundreds of dollars a month more than we pay now. Impossible for us to pull off. Affordable ones? Scary. Very scary. Or very small.

It’s frustrating. I’m just not sure if we’ll be able to find ANYTHING that will work as well for us as this house.. and that sucks, because this house should be ours.

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