Highchair Hell

The feeding problems.. they never really go away- they just go on vacation for a week or two, rest themselves up, and come back just as strong as ever!
It’s a vicious circle.. one I wish I could figure out how to break but it just doesn’t seem possible. Maybe someday.. but not this week, not today.

We started with not being able to get Parker to eat ANY solids. Having to hold him for every solid feeding and ruining a lot of our clothes in the process. Then he finally worked up to really liking stage 2s and as soon as we attempted to phase him into stage 3s, it was once again hell. Refused to sit in his highchair, but even when we picked him up out of it he’d still only eat 2 or 3 bites before thrashing back and forth wildly.
In an attempt not to force him into anything he really didn’t want and in turn making him hate it even more- we still tried to feed him some every night, just letting him eat whatever we could get into it without him crying and stopping.
Eventually that seemed to work- he finally started eating half containers of stage 3 chunky disgusting baby food (anyone ever notice they all smell like condensed chicken noodle soup?) without any fussing or whining.. and soon worked his way up to eating a full jar relatively easily (depending on the flavor). ESPECIALLY in public. Sucks that crap up like a vacuum cleaner if we aren’t at home. Which makes me EXTREMELY tempted to never cook again and just eat out every night.. i’ve been looking for an excuse not to slave away in the kitchen every night.

And now it seems that we’re back to the beginning. He absolutely does NOT want stage 3 baby food yet again. He’ll tolerate it at lunch time.. but still starts fussing pretty early in- dinner time is an absolute no go though.
Last night we were eating dinner, hamburger helper (EW!), and everything is pretty small and easy enough for a baby to eat.. and he’s been lunging at our plates.. so we put the baby food aside and stuck some of our dinner on his tray. He dove at it. Shoved every piece into his mouth.. but one by one, everything he put in would come drooling back out. Only to stick it back in his mouth again.. and then drool it back out. I have no idea how much he ACTUALLY ate but i’m sure it’s not enough.

I don’t understand at all. If he WANTS table food, why won’t he actually swallow any of it? He’s not choking on anything.. we’re not forcing it in when he doesn’t want it. We’re just letting him do his own thing, but his own thing is not working. And now he’s started doing it with all of his favorites too. Little crunchies, crackers, puffs.. It all goes in and gets spit back out. Some goes back in again.. but a lot just stays in a disgusting gunky drooled up heap on his bib or all over his hands.
Is this a teething issue? The kid is DEFINITELY teething (i’m sure this time!) or is it another one of his many eating issues due to DGE? I don’t know whether to just keep trying.. or whether to call the doctor. With his smaller bottles, i’m concerned he’s just not getting enough. I wasn’t worried when he was still eating jarred food, but that seems to have come to a crashing halt once he became more interested in table food. And obviously that isn’t doing us any good if he won’t swallow any of it.

Why can’t it just be easy??

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