Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Anyone remember about a week ago where I wrote that nothing that happened with this whole house situation could shock me anymore?
I probably should have known by saying that, that of COURSE something would happen to shock me. Or maybe I should have knocked on wood after writing it.

Lesson learned. I will never say never again!!!

Where to begin? Ugh.
Thomas got a call today from the realtor dealing with this stupid house. The realtor informs Thomas that the whole giving the deed to the bank thing? Yeah, didn’t really help. They only got a 14 day extension on the foreclosure.
What does that mean exactly?
It means this house has to be listed, shown, and a bid has to be in on the house by that deadline or it will most certainly go to foreclosure.

Now.. you’d think since they already have the people who were SUPPOSED to buy the damn house a year ago, that they wouldn’t really need to literally show the house. They could just put it in the MLS, let us get our crap together, and put in our bid and be done with this whole horrible situation. They’ve already put us through enough, given us enough stress, made us lose enough money- right?
They’re insisting on showing the house to other people. I am not pleased.
I live here. The boys and I are here all day. We have a routine, naps, feedings. Why in the hell should I have to work around people who want to walk through MY house and snatch it out from under me? It is completely beyond ridiculous to expect me to do that. It’s not like we’re moving and they need to find new renters or we don’t want to buy. I consider this to be OUR house.. and I don’t like the thought of people coming through with intentions to take it from me just because the owner is a greedy bitch and can’t get her shit together and took our rent money and blew it on something else.

Not only that, but the realtor gave the impression that he will not be here for the showings i’m supposed to have. Get the eff out! So i’m supposed to let random weirdos into my house WITHOUT a professional there? Do they want me to get BTKed?? Absolutely unacceptable. This whole ridiculous situation is absolutely unacceptable but there is NO WAY IN HELL i’m letting people into my house without the realtor present.

And we’ve made it very clear that if they’re going to force us to put ourselves and our children out for THEIR fuck up, that we’re going to let everyone know just what they’re getting themselves into. It’s got to be false advertising to have people come into this house and let them think they’re getting what they see.. Nope.
The rules were, if we were to move out of this house, we would return it to the condition we found it in. You’d better believe that’s exactly what i’ll do! And you’d better believe i’m going to be VERY vocal about it to anyone who walks in here.
I’m not sure whether to put post it notes all over everything i’m taking with me.. or will be UNdoing..
Or to just print the pictures out and post them all over each room to physically SHOW them what they’ll actually be buying if they steal our house from us.

The only slightly positive thing about this stupid short sale is that they’ve “aggressively priced” the house. 45k under appraisal value (a value they only got because of what we did to it). Which could do go things for a mortgage rate IF we actually get to buy it.. which is still up in the air.

I don’t know what’s going to happen anymore. It just keeps getting more and more ridiculous with every passing day. I feel like drop kicking someone in the throat.

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