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Preggo brain has not left my vicinity. I remembered that Parker had a follow up with his pulmonogolist after his VERY long rung with RSV and everything RSV caused.. and I remembered that it was in August, but could NOT remember when.. and also couldn’t find the appointment card I knew I had somewhere.
It wasn’t until Thomas got a reminder call yesterday that I knew that Parker’s appointment was this morning at 9am.

This is why I hate making appointments months in advance. I never remember when they are, and what may have worked for us schedule wise a few months ago may NOT necessarily work in a few months. Which was definitely the case today.

A 9am appointment? That is nearly impossible for one person to pull off. We don’t even get out of bed until 8am, and breakfast isn’t done until 8:30. To get everyone out of bed, dressed, fed, and out the door to make it to an appointment halfway across town by 9am is not an easy feat at all. I knew there was no way to do it on my own.. and understandably I panicked a bit.

Thomas agreed to go in late to work, even though I warned him with the practice we had to go to (the one we CHANGED out of because of how long we have had to wait there in the past), it could take up to 2 hours to even be called back.

In a mad scramble, we somehow managed to get everything done this morning AND throw a load of laundry in before racing out the door this morning. We were greeted by a HUGE room of children and parents.. was not a good sign. I was positive we’d be waiting forever to be seen.. and Parker does NOT eat in front of a lot of people- and his bottle is supposed to be around 9:10am.. smack dab in the middle of his appointment. Joy.

In a total shocker moment, we were called back in under 10 minutes. Attempted to feed Parker after getting him weighed and measured (around 19lbs and 29.25 inches tall) and it was NOT happening. Not in the slightest. I wasn’t surprised.
The pulmonologist came in not even 3 minutes later and was very impressed with his progress. No more breathing issues, his respiratory rate is perfect, no wheezing.. no nothing. As far as she is concerned, from a lung standpoint.. he is in the clear. Good news! He does have allergies though, and with the fall upon us, no one knows how he’s going to react to new allergens in the air so she wants to see him back in December just to make sure he doesn’t need anything else to help him out. She also gave us a new prescription for albuterol for his very random wheezing.

The one thing she WAS concerned about? His very small weight gain and tendency to vomit up his solid food (NEVER bottles). Even SHE agreed that the GI should have wanted to see him before his 1st birthday and went as far as to make sure he had a standing appointment, and if not.. she would make him one herself. At least SOMEONE is paying attention. I’ve been very concerned with his near refusal to eat anything solid and his habit of vomiting up breakfast. He did it 3 days in a row and I swore if he did it one more time we’d have to call his GI and insist he be seen.. but he didn’t. Still, he won’t eat a whole jar (or even near a whole jar) without whining or having to be picked up out of his highchair. Not sure if it’s spoiling him or humoring his bitching.. or if it’s still an eating issue.

I really just keep hoping that ALL doctors will say “ok, he’s normal!” and let us go on our way.. but every time he seems to be getting on track he has a setback that concerns me, and with good reason.
At least we have one specialist who is no longer concerned. It’s too bad the problem that it all started with caused OTHER problems we’re STILL dealing with over 6 months later.

We’re just taking it one day at a time right now, hoping it gets better without medical intervention. We’ll see what all the doctors say around Parker’s 1st birthday (since he has 2 appointments in 1 week). I’m pretty positive he won’t be 20lbs by the time he’s 1 year old and therefore won’t be able to turn around forward (and I know how many people think babies should stay rear facing until they’re two).. which means a hell of a lot more screaming car rides for us.
Oh well.. I’m all about guidelines. I won’t be unsafe by going against them. I just wish Parker were in the realm of “normal.” He isn’t.. and may not be for a long time, so it’s just something we have to deal with for however long we have to. Do what we can.. and wait.
Poo on that!

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