Flattering myself

The baby babbling stage, right when they are on the cusp of understanding, grasping, and being able to actually speak real language (even if it’s just monosyllabic) is a very strange one. A strange and funny time of their lives.

Just like when they first learn to reach out and grab things with their hands, and all of their movements seem somewhat robotic (or Zombie like, either comparison works).. speaking starts out very similarly.
Once they learn they can move their mouth around and make sounds other than ear drum bursting screeching sounds- you can kiss your sanity goodbye.

It’s a flood of run on nonsensical loud jibberish.


After hours of hearing that echo through your house for days on end, you start to hear things. You begin to remind yourself of that creepy little girl in Poltergeist who saw things in the fuzz on her TV set. Only she was.. and you probably aren’t.

There are things that are for sure.. like when i’m washing dishes and Parker is crying at my feet and trying to climb up my leg because teething has once again made him a screaming pile of drool and snot- and he’s saying “MAMA!! MAMA! MAMA!” so that i’ll drop what i’m doing and immediately pick him up.
And then there are the other things that come out in babble that sound like things, but I know most likely are not.

He went a whole day yelling something at me that sounded like “I WANT MY BABA!” and stopped saying it once I gave it to him.
And now I tell him to say things and he repeats them.. or attempts to. “I want my mama”, “I love my mama”.. all very easy things to say when he babbles those sounds all day anyway. I know he probably has no idea what he’s saying when he’s repeating me, but it still makes me smile every time he does it.

I wonder what his first non baby-babble word will be. Holden’s was bunghole. If you’ve kept up with the blog, you’re probably laughing because it’s such a Holden thing to say.. which I didn’t know at the time just how weird he would become, but it should have been an easy indicator. Will Parker’s first real word be the same way?

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