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Just as suspected, no one bought our house at the auction yesterday morning. I knew they wouldn’t. It’s too expensive for basically a mystery grab-bag house.
So now.. I suppose the bank owns the house, and we lie in wait for the real estate agent they assign to call us and tell us what the hell is going to happen, when we’ll have to move, if they’ll offer us money, etc.
MORE waiting. I’m so sick of waiting. I hate knowing there is an axe just hanging over our heads about to drop at any second. I want to know NOW in order to plan what we’re going to do.. and when.

I can’t really panic.. I have to go about the day, business as usual.. doing everything I always do, with the notion that we’re going to have to move sooner rather than later looming in the back of my mind. Make sure the boys sense as little stress as possible, keep them on track and moving in the right direction. We’ve had a few conversations with Holden about having to move.. I don’t think he fully grasps the concept. I think it will be sort of a shock for him when it actually comes to pass.
Parker, obviously, has no idea. I don’t know how he’ll feel about it. He’s so uptight about new places and situations as it is.. and with all of his issues, he really doesn’t need anything throwing him through a loop.

I’m still trying to get him to eat table food.. or any food really. STILL, at almost 11 months old, he has barely any real interest in eating. Snacks? He inhales.. well, sort of. He chews things up, and then spits them back out in a gooey mess all over himself.. only to shove it all BACK into his mouth. I’ve never in my life met a messier more disgusting child. Many a shirt has gotten ruined in this process. Doesn’t matter if he’s wearing a bib, he still manages to completely slime up his shirts with chewed up food. I spend a lot of time in the laundry room pre-treating his clothes so they don’t get ruined by food stains.. and generally failing.

He detests jarred baby food, begs for our dinner, and then refuses to touch it. Or just like his snacks, he’ll chew and spit and chew and spit. I’m not really sure how much nutritional value just chewing your food has as opposed to chewing and then SWALLOWING like a normal person.
Per usual, I worry about how many calories he’s getting.
Tonight he spit out ALL of his jarred baby food and begged for our burritos.. so we gave in and plopped down a bunch of rice and beans in front of him. He dove for all the beans.. and I watched as he sucked out the insides and spit out the outer shell on almost every single one.

Obviously I worry that moving just when we’re trying to get him to move from bottles to table food will turn his world upside down and he’ll flip out and want to go back to only bottles. Just like I worry moving will cause Holden to once again regress on his potty training (sort of like Parker being born did).

Moving is enough of a bitch without not knowing WHEN it will happen, and then throwing kids into the mix.
I long for boring predictable days. This spontaneous surprise crap doesn’t mesh well with me.

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