Blankies, Tags, and Thumbs, oh my!

I’ve mentioned before.. in specific detail.. just how deeply my hatred for thumb sucking goes. All the ways i’ve attempted to get the thumb sucking in this house to end..
Mostly it was because I find it to be a disgusting habit that messes up your teeth permanently. Reason enough, right? I didn’t need anything else to add on top of that ONE reason alone. That was enough in itself!
Little did I know the domino effect thumb sucking would have. Thumb sucking is a gateway drug.

As much as we’ve tried to nip the nasty habit in the bud.. Parker still finds ways to suck his stupid thumb when we can’t get to him. Like in the car. He hates the car. The only way he can find to make a car ride bearable for himself and everyone around him is to suck suck suck that thumb. And not just by itself.. but with a damn tag. DAMN THOSE TAGS! He will find a tag on anything he can find, wrap it up in his fingers, and pop that thumb in his mouth. To think companies make blankets with tags specifically for thumb suckers! Tsk!
Parker is so much like my brother as a small child it’s scary. My brother too was obsessed with tags so much so that he’d wear tags OFF of things while sucking his thumb.

If he can’t find a tag? He’ll grab any blanket or kitchen rag he can get his hands on. I’ve seen him make a beeline for pillows, bathroom rugs, hand towels.. grab on.. and collapse onto the floor with it firmly in hand, and thumb firmly in mouth. It drives me absolutely bananas! Too many times i’ve watched him crawl off only to not return.. and walk into a room to find him face down on a rug, sucking away like it’s his sole purpose in life. It just makes him the happiest baby on earth. How can you say no to a happy baby?

Holden has never had anything he’s that obsessed with.. other than Cars.. but he doesn’t need Cars to soothe himself. He likes having stuffed animals to go to sleep, but doesn’t insist. He doesn’t drag around a crusty dingy disgusting blanket like it’s another limb.. and taking his binky away wasn’t that painful of an experience. We dodged a bullet there.

And sadly it appears there’s nothing I can do without causing the meltdown to end all meltdowns to stop Parker. He can take anything and make it into a thumb sucking catalyst.

Maybe i’ll take table food and smear it all over his thumb. He hates table food so much maybe it will either stop him from sucking the stupid thing, OR.. make him love table food. Could turn into a WIN situation.

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