Another day to add to the weird list.

While Thomas and I were looking through listings for houses in our area last night.. we decided to look at bank owned properties. They’re generally a good deal, far under market price.. maybe something we can afford.. and wouldn’t you know it- we came across a foreclosure auction listing for our house. What we didn’t expect to see was that the listing was updated yesterday morning. That meant the bank had probably decided to go ahead with the auction regardless of the realtor’s pleas to hold off because we’re living here and had intend to buy all along.
Suspicions confirmed this morning when the realtor told us there’s no stopping the auction at this point. Somehow Thomas had convinced me the sale was Wednesday morning, even though we knew the date to be the 24th all along.. so it’s actually going to auction tomorrow morning. I should be panicked, but I just have this strange calm about me right now.

Maybe it’s all this crap that’s been going on for so long, and getting screwed over and over, and lied to (the bank also informed the realtor that the owners haven’t paid the mortgage in 2 years. Pretty much the entire time we’ve lived here. Isn’t that fraud?? To take our payments the ENTIRE time and not pay the mortgage??)- that i’ve just been soured on this house. It WAS my home, I made it that way.. but now obviously it isn’t. And assuming we get a substantial sum of money to move out.. I think I might be ok with leaving it. Maybe we need a fresh start. This house has seemed cursed from the very beginning..
And from the listing price the bank wants- it’s way over priced (again, thanks a lot owners for not paying down the principal with OUR money). We even found a house in this neighborhood that’s nearly twice the size for 50k less (another foreclosure auction). Will anyone even BUY this house tomorrow? I could be surprised, but it seems doubtful. I can’t see anyone roping themselves into a house that costs so much, when it’s only listed as a 3bdrm (it’s technically 4).. without ever stepping foot inside of it.

So I guess we might not lose the house from someone snatching it up at auction when you look at it that way.. but do we really want to buy this house now? Knowing we can get something better for less money.. and maybe even having a downpayment for it, which we won’t have by staying here? Knowing that all that’s happened to us since we moved in here has been bad news after bad news?
I dunno. I’m torn.
Guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow.. if anything, and go from there. I’m just hoping, for ONCE, something good comes out of something bad.. instead of more of us getting screwed over.

That wasn’t the end of strange happenings. It never is!

Parker has been teething nonstop even though he already cut those two left top teeth in under 2 weeks. Since the rest of the top teeth are super swollen, I figured his mouth would even itself out by cutting the top right 2.
Once again bucking the trend.. instead he is cutting more bottom teeth. The closest being the bottom right tooth next to his two centers. Talk about a seriously uneven mouth. Soon it’s going to look very strange when he smiles. I dread to think just HOW strange.

Moving on to Holden- I could swear he’s coming down with something. He woke up yesterday with very tired eyes, red all around them.. and his right nostril leaking like a faucet.
We all knows boys are complainers.. but he doesn’t seem to mind. He rather likes running to the bathroom to get a tissue. I keep asking if he feels sick.. if his head hurts, ANYTHING.. and he says “nope!” so I have no idea what’s going on with him. He might not say he feels sick, but DAMN if he wasn’t the biggest turd on earth today, and the majority of yesterday.

Will tomorrow be a better day? No more drooly mouths or snotty noses or worrying about being booted out of our house? I hope so.. but really I have no idea what the hell tomorrow is going to bring. I just hope we’re still here for the boys birthday party. I refuse to let ANYTHING ruin that.

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