Annoying level: Red

Like our fine country (or if your not in this country, the states) has levels of terror for terrorist attacks- I consider terrorist attacks in my specific home things like sickness, whining, crying, brattiness, etc. Each one has its own scale.

Currently, the category is Annoying, and the threat level is RED.

Last week, Parker cried and whined for 4 days pretty much nonstop. I had no idea what the issue was. I assumed teething, but I always assume teething. I was also, at the time, attempting to wean him from reflux meds since by now MOST babies have grown out of it, and he’s shown no signs of reflux in a VERY long time. Since he was whining, and I was weaning.. that was another thing it could be.. so I panicked and put him back up to his regular dose. The whining did not cease.

Sure enough, on the fourth day- I noticed a white spot on his upper left incisor (the tooth right next to his top middle tooth). I was so excited, TOOTH! FINALLY! No more whining for the time being!
Unfortunately, just seeing the white did not mean that it cut.. and the whining continued on and off for more and more days. That white spot got bigger and bigger, but has yet to cut through to the surface (or maybe it has, but I can’t feel it).
On top of that, the top middle tooth on the left side, AND the canine on the top left side have become HUGE bulging and red. The other side? Just slightly bulging, nowhere near popping through like the left.

So now i’m left to think that my poor teething child is going to have three top teeth on the left side and NO teeth on the right. How awkward and strange is that going to look?
At least when Holden teethed, he not only did it quickly, but symmetrically. If he got a tooth on the left, he got the same on the right within a few days (maybe a week).
Parker is going to look like he got into a bar fight and lost. I’d be fine if he got both incisors and looked slightly like a vampire.. since vampires are all the rage these days.

My poor annoying booboo, who won’t even let me walk away from him- even in the same room.. is now going to be the laughing stock of all babies. No chance of being the next Gerber baby with a strange looking half-toothed mouth!

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