Unbearable heat

It literally feels like hell on earth here. No demons or bad luck or doom and gloom- but the huge unbearable flames of hell are invisibly wreaking havoc on the weather.

I don’t think i’ve ever been so miserable and hot in my entire life. Not even the TWO summers I spent 7-9 months pregnant.
I honestly can’t remember the weather ever being so awful.

The moment you walk outside, you instantly get covered in a sheet of sweat. There’s no avoiding it- not even the shade is going to help you. Walk into the light and you feel like you’ve stepped foot on the surface of the sun. Every time i’ve gone outside for the past few days i’ve made an audible “UUGGGHHHHHH” sound. It’s too hot to even fill up the pool and all just sit in it.
And the humidity? Forget about it. The air is so thick and so heavy it feels like it’s nearly impossible to breathe.

The day this heat wave hit us, I took the boys outside. The weather forecast must have lied when it said it was only 85. Parker and I found a nice spot in the shade to sit down and watch Holden play. Ten minutes in Holden’s face was bright red. Once I saw that we immediately went inside and spent the next 10 minutes patting his face with a cool washcloth. You know it’s bad when a kid never complains about being hot or cold, even in the most extreme weather, says “It’s hot out here. The sun is burning me!”

We haven’t gone outside to play since. Every day it’s just gotten hotter and more unbearable. Even the topical medicine I take to stop my profuse amount of sweating isn’t really doing the trick. Disgusting.

I am not a fan of cold weather in the slightest but i’m almost excited for fall to come. I fear our electric bill this month- the air has been pumping nonstop and still can’t get the house down to 76. Not even with all the ceiling fans on.

Glad we got the new TV with how much time we’re having to spend inside to beat the stupid heat.

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