Swapping is the new form of shopping

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Birthday season in this house means my mind is always on shopping. Always looking for the best deals, cheapest sites, etc.

Recently a new site has come to my attention.. which is unlike any site i’ve encountered online for ‘shopping’ thus far.
It’s called Supaswap and it’s a site where your whole family can shop online in a very easy and safe format.
Think of it like Ebay for kids.. only a lot more secure. And with no questionable content to worry about. Kids can buy, sell or swap- on a website that parents can monitor as strictly as they like. There is a whole wide array of parental controls to choose from, so the site will always be as safe as you make it.

It’s a good way to teach children valuable money management skills while still being fun. Let them save up their earnings from things they’ve sold to buy one thing they really want.
It’s also a really good way to free up some much needed space in your house by letting your child get rid of secondhand items they don’t use anymore.

As your child gets older (and into their teen years), it can be more of a fun easy way to earn some extra cash- as we all know how flaky Ebay and Craigslist can be.

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