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As sad as it may sound, Thomas and I haven’t been out alone (sans kids) since January of 2008. We went to a movie i’d been DYING to see for months after Holden had gone to bed and came right home afterward. Not much of an outing, but it was our last one.
I have somewhat of a distrust of babysitters, especially now with Parker’s issues- i’m just not sure anyone could handle how he fights bottles the way we do.

Due to some money constraints and just the fact that we put our kids first above all else and want them to have the best of everything- we’ve let our own wants (and even some needs) go by the wayside.

Our kids are totally spoiled.. and really I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our house is full of toys (FULL)- they both have wardrobes i’d kill for (amount wise).. and Holden has a nicer bedroom set than we do (or will once his birthday comes along). Nothing in our bedroom matches at all. Our bedside tables are from thrift stores, our dresser is as well- we just sanded it down and repainted it to look nice.. but it’s still missing a few pulls because those dumb things are EXPENSIVE.
Our couches? One was given to us by a friend, the other we bought off of Craigslist.. and the seller was nice enough to throw in a coffee table.

The list goes on and on.

We’re totally fine with our kids getting the best while we make do or buy things on sale for ourselves. Usually if I buy anything for myself I end up feeling guilty because I COULD have spent it on the kids. Hate that feeling.

For a long time though, we’ve felt like maybe we should do SOMETHING for ourselves- for once. We deserve it, don’t we? Something nice to enjoy.. maybe even something frivolous that we can’t exactly justify with how we typically think about things in terms of NEED vs. WANT.

So with an extra influx of money currently, we decided to get Holden’s bedroom set.. but also get something for ourselves. A flat screen TV. All we’ve had in this house is the HUGE tube TVs.. and we’ve had TV envy for a long time now. We did some price comparisons and review searching online.. and went out shopping today really with the intention of just looking around- but were offered a deal we couldn’t refuse.
So now we have a pretty gigantic TV (compared to our old one anyways).. and no longer do we have TV envy.. and I think our “wants” are pretty much satisfied. If we’re going to stay in all the time, why not make it the best experience it can be?

What was the FIRST thing we watched with the new TV? Spongebob. The second? Cars.
Some things never change, I suppose!
Now if only we could get it to look good while watching cable TV (it looked great while playing a DVD).. we’d be set. That might be more of a SHITTY cable provider than anything though.. we’re working on it.

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