So.. we meet again

Over the weekend we had to make a quick run to Old Navy for their 30% off everything sale. No, not just to spend money we don’t have- but because our evil laundry gnome has moved on to more expensive items. Namely, Holden’s shorts.
I’d been noticing for a while that Holden only had about 3 pairs of shorts to wear, and in Holden land- those don’t last long.. meaning he’d either have to wear dirty shorts, or i’d have to do laundry when it really wasn’t needed.

We always pick Old Navy. Best quality/most stylish kids clothes, cheapest prices. NO, Gymboree is NOT high quality and/or stylish. Just expensive as hell. Don’t argue with me.

While we were there, I always get the urge to browse the clearance section. Typically I don’t ever find anything I like other than MAYBE a t-shirt once in a blue moon. Old Navy for kids? Awesome. Adults? Meh.
At the same time as I was browsing the clearance section, I realized that the jeans I had cut off into bermuda shorts were just not comfortable. Not at all. Might have even been cutting off circulation. Yes, I blame Depo.
So why not look for some shorts for myself? I obviously needed them if I had resorted to cutting off a pair of already too tight jeans.

So I found in the clearance section two pairs of cute bermuda shorts (I do NOT wear short shorts for many reasons). Even with the depo weight gain, my size hadn’t gone up. It just made everything a little tighter and unflattering. Except the Old Navy bermuda shorts I already have. Too big. So I got the next size down, my ‘regular’ size, and didn’t try them on. Didn’t see the need all things considered.

The first thing I did when I got home was to change out of the circulation depriving jeans and put on a nice new pair of bermuda shorts.
TOO TIGHT. The kind of tight where flab is hanging over the top.

Pissed would not even begin to describe how I felt. The depo finally took a toll too much for me to handle. I had decided before to wait until the depo FINALLY wore off to start seriously dieting again (although with how healthy I typically eat already, and how much I exercise- I SHOULD be able to lose some weight regardless.. but probably not).. but with this new development and the boiling anger- the change has to come now.

So back on the Special K diet I went. Not pleased about it. I don’t really like cereal, and I hate being hungry. The weight has to go. I’m done letting depo rule my life. Wish i’d NEVER gone on it in the first place.

I’m pretty pissed at Old Navy, too. I took those shorts back.. one of which I couldn’t find in a bigger size (GRRR), but the other I got the next size up and guess what? Still tight. I swear their sizes are not the least bit uniform. No way is this one size bigger. 1/4 size maybe.

Even with the one pair of new shorts I ended up with, I should feel nice. I love new clothes.. but now I just feel gross.
Thanks a lot, Depo, for ruining another week!

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