The shower situation

If there is ANY way to save time in my day, to shave a few minutes off part of something in my daily routine to have MORE time to do something else that’s usually rushed.. or even just for a few extra minutes to myself- i’m in.

Unfortunately there aren’t many ways to condense other than what i’ve already done. I have become the queen of multitasking. I think all Moms have to master that art or they get swallowed by all the things that need to be done in a day but can’t be done if you just do them one at a time.

I haven’t showered alone in over two years. I miss my alone showers.. but there’s just no time in the day if we had to bathe the kids separately and then me afterward while they were getting lotioned and dressed for bed. That is definitely a two person job when there are two squirmy kids on a bed to deal with.
We have a small tub to begin with.. but with Holden it was still pretty easy. Once he was able to really sit sturdily on his own i’d just plop him on the bottom of the tub and let him do his own thing. Occasionally he got under my feet and tripped me up, but it was still easy to get everything done quickly and easily. Every night I didn’t shower (because there’s DEFINITELY no time for me to shower every single day.. another thing I miss)- Thomas would give him a bath.
That lasted until we moved into the new house and Thomas showering in the morning would wake Holden up at the ass crack of dawn, robbing me of about an hour of sleep. Cranky mommy is never a good thing.

So Thomas lost his alone showers too. HAH!

I thought my showers with Holden would end when he started picking out my parts and asking “what’s that???” … and it was definitely awkward in the beginning. Especially when he pointed up and told me I had a pecker. Or when he tells me he’s going to “bite my boobies”, but he got over that and I don’t feel strange at all being naked in front of him, so the showers continued.

And then Parker came along. Once the spongebathing phase was over, the shower for two became a shower for three. Two separate baths still proved to be too time consuming, so I had to figure out how to hold and wash a baby while a toddler is splashing around at my feet.

Definitely not an easy task to master- which has become more difficult now that Parker is basically attempting to jump out of my arms to get on the floor of the tub to play with Holden. You’d think two kids at your feet would be more simple than one in your arms and one at your feet- and it certainly allows me to get more done with them both in the shower instead of waiting until Thomas comes to get Parker (Holden gets out when I do).. but I find that i’ve been banished to the back of the shower with very little room to do anything without a strong possibility of slipping and breaking my neck.

BUT- anything is worth not scrambling around like a chicken with my head cut off all day long and into the night. One of these days i’ll get my showers back and it will be fabulous!

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