Rug Burn

Parker has found himself in a bit of a conundrum. He still hasn’t got a good hang on the whole crawling deal. He’s found out how to get up onto his knees and hump the air like there’s no tomorrow. He can even bellyflop himself forward every now and then.

For the most part though, he still prefers to just spin himself in circles, or slowly shove himself forward by burying his face into the carpet, the bed, or the hardwood floor. It never looks like it feels good. He certainly doesn’t act like he likes it too much. If you watch him, you can just TELL all he wants to do is crawl, and his slow progress is urking him more than anyone else.

He will try any means necessary to attempt to be mobile. He’s even started humping the floor while he sits. This doesn’t get him far, but it’s probably the least painful of all the weird things he does to slowly inch around. Strange sight to see.

All of these efforts have left him for a second time with rug burn. And probably not where you’d think. With a baby learning to crawl, the most obvious and typical spot to get rug burn would be the knees. Here comes Parker, bucking the trend again.
His rug burn is in the same place it was last time- the very tip of his nose. I knew all that burying his face in the carpet with his ass in the air and legs pushing wildly couldn’t be good for his health.
The first time it was red and looked like a burn. This time around it’s reddish purple and looks like a bruise. Guess he was REALLY getting into it today.

I keep telling him- if you’d just learn to crawl this wouldn’t happen! He’s not a very good listener.

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  • OMG, that sounds like a hilarious sight to see, lol. Just realized this post is almost 5 years old, hope he finally got the hang of it and is walking around now. 🙂