Questioning and some more questioning

Today was one of those days where I made a parenting choice that i’m not so sure about. It won’t effect anything in the long run, but s mommy always worries. Part of the job.

Parker is at the age where he’s wanting more solids than formula. And typically I have no problem with that, because lately it’s not caused any issues. He gets enough of everything to not be worrisome, even though he still does have eating issues.

He’s wanted to phase out his morning bottle for a VERY long time now. Has just never had any interest in eating it, even on his best days. A while back we got rid of his first bottle in exchange for solids- and he gobbles them right up. Around an hour and a half later at 9am is when he gets his first bottle instead of upon waking, and it had been going pretty decent until the past few days.
Each day has been less and less, so we started giving him MORE solids in the morning. Instead of just a stage 2 (since he won’t touch stage 3s), we added in small chunks of fruit and oatmeal.
Even though that 9am bottle got smaller, everything added up still tided him over until his lunch time solid feeding..

Until this morning. He ate about a quarter of a bottle and wanted nothing more to do with it. So.. for once, I sucked it up and said screw it instead of fighting with him to eat more. Maybe he’s ready to just go down to 3 bottles.. although I was totally unsure of whether it was ok for him not to get a single bottle until 1pm.
He woke up from his morning nap incredibly whiny. I’m not sure whether from teething or from just being hungry because of his lack of bottle.. and he whined all the way up until lunch time. Inhaled a stage 2 solid in less than 10 minutes. I considered opening up another but putting that much puree into him usually ends in disaster so I just gave him an array of solid things to eat. Puffs, crunchies, yogurt melts, tomato slices, crackers and mum mums. He basically ate everything I put infront of him.

His next bottle wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t great either. Only 5.5 ounces. After not eating a morning bottle at ALL I suppose I hoped for more. Only 3 bottles of 5.5 ounces would only equal 16.5 total.. and that’s IF he ate that much at each.. and i’m just not sure that’s enough. He’s definitely not ready to totally phase bottles out, I won’t let that happen.
Not to mention the lack of wet diapers. Little man is not all that interest in a sippy cup yet either, even though i’ve been trying my damnedest to get him to use one.
His last bottle of the day went really terribly as well, making me even more worried about what’s going on. If it’s really just him getting older, or his stomach issues coming back (meaning the medicine isn’t effective anymore).

So did I do the right thing by letting him refuse his morning bottle? Should he be eating MORE formula than he is? Is he getting enough solids? Should I introduce ANOTHER snack in between lunch and breakfast if he isn’t going to eat a morning bottle?
So many questions, and I really have no idea which direction to go in. I do think 3 bottles is sufficient as long as he isn’t starving in between, as long as he’s wetting diapers and growing.. as long as those remaining three bottles don’t totally blow.

Anyone (who isn’t a total bitch) care to chime in?

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  • i don’t think i am a total bitch, so i will chime in. i have no idea. sorry to be of no help, but i am right there with you! i wonder if i am feeding jordan enough, daily!

  • the docs told me (and still do) that i give frank way too much milk… go by your instincts. if you feel as though you did wrong, just dont do it again. there are no black and white set rules when it comes to motherhood. everything is about 80%gray area that you have to discover with time. you do great with your kids and thats all that matters. you know whats best for your family 🙂

  • T does 3 bottles (7am, 12pm,7pm), drinking 16oz max a day sometimes as low as 12oz. She continues to grow like crazy.

  • Jealous! I’ve tried to get Parker down to 3 bottles but he ends up CRYING for one and then not drinking very much. And he isn’t growing like crazy. GROWING, yes, but still a skinny little thing.
    How much table/puree food is Teagan eating nowadays?