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Everyone has a passion in life. Whether it be art, music, writing, driving, cooking.. and a whole plethora of other things. Everyone’s got one. The ONE thing in your life that really makes you feel alive more than anything else.

Obviously I am very passionate about my kids, and writing- which combined create this blog. Before kids, music was my passion. It was what I lived and breathed. I still love music, but my babies have definitely taken the top spot away.
I love to bake and I like to cook (sometimes), but in the kitchen- the thing i’m most passionate about is creating my own recipes, or tweaking other peoples recipes to making them absolutely perfect. I love doing it. Making something my own and having it turn out amazing is very satisfying.
One of my favorites is Hamburger Pie. I tell EVERYONE I know to try it, and it’s simple. Just ground beef, browned (I do it with onions), buttery flavor refrigerated croissants, and cream of mushroom soup.
You brown the meat while you’re baking the bottom layer of croissants in a pie dish (you lay it all down flat just like a pie), then you mix in the meat mixed with cream of mushroom soup, and layer in your favorite shredded cheese- top it with another layer of croissants (stretched flat) and bake it for about 25 minutes. It’s amazing!

I have been selected by Haagan-Dasz to help spread the word about new episodes of the series Passion Profiles – an original online series featuring some of Canada’s most intriguing people. Passion Profiles is a talk-show that will give you a rare glimpse into the life of Canada’s most popular musicians, Chefs and Designers who want to share their passion.
It’s hosted by ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey, and the first episode is featuring Food Network’s Annd and Michael Olsen on July 28th.

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