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Other than the current teething hell we are in right now (on day 3 of practically nonstop whining and crying), everything in our house is running rather smoothly. Birthday preparations are going well- I even ordered Holden’s birthday bedding last night paid almost completely with Amazon gift cards Thomas and I earned from doing surveys- SCORE!

Our new TV is awesome.. so is the new DVR (which was free), the heat has finally relented.. Things are good, y’all.

So the one thing I have to gripe about is being magnified in my less stressed head and has become a source of major frustration.

Can you guess what it is?


I know people think i’m going crazy about it. I shouldn’t be so worried. I shouldn’t stress so much about it..
but what can I say? it’s who I am. And Parker, in my opinion, is to an age where he should be eating table food. Maybe not for EVERY solid feeding- but he should be experimenting and wanting to try new things.

I’m not trying to force it on him or move him too quickly in the direction i’d like him to go in- but with how he acts toward table food it’s almost as if he thinks i’ve laced it all with rat poison. He hates it that much.
He won’t even TOUCH it, let alone put it in his mouth or anywhere close.

He’s doing a lot better with stage 3 foods. He never had a gagging problem.. just didn’t seem to like the taste or strange consistency. We’d get a few bites in him and he’d start losing his mind. Now he’ll eat about half a container before starting to fuss- unless it’s green beans and rice.. inhaled that one in record time.
But put a few small pieces of bread in front of him? He’d rather starve than eat them. Pick one up and try to get it near his mouth? He thrashes wildly.
And then you stick crunchies and puffs and yogurt melts on his tray and he grabs them up and shoves them in his mouth two at a time.

The only table foods he actually likes are french fries (of course), crackers, and tomatoes. He literally dive bombs my hand if i’m holding a tomato slice in it. He didn’t want any of those things at first, though. He actually had to be forced to try them a few times before realizing they were NOT in fact laced with rat poison and were actually quite tasty.

I really don’t want to have to do that with EVERY table food.. but I also don’t want to be spoon feeding purees 3 times a day to a 1 year old. Talk about a nightmare. Life will be a billion times easier when he can just eat what we eat when we eat it. Just not sure when that will be if the kid refuses to touch anything but baby crunchies and french fries. What baby DOESN’T like to take food and smear it all over their tray and get it all over their face in an attempt to make it to their mouth? Parker, that’s who.

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  • When Deirdre had issues eating table food, I just stopped trying for a week and reintroduced it. Then she was ALL about it. Go figure. Just some more unsolicited advice for you to chew on 🙂

    In the end you’re his Mom and you know best. I make Jonas’ baby food so I don’t know how chunky stage 3 foods are but you might try making some purees yourself chunkier than he is used to and then moving up.