On the verge

We’ve almost crossed into another level in this house. One i’ve been waiting for but have not fully prepared for.
Yes, folks, i’m talking about crawling!

I think Parker is at the final stages of air humping and might actually start moving forward without flopping onto his tummy within the next week or so.

He’s done the spinning, he’s mashed his face into the floor, he’s flailed both arms and legs wildly at the same time.. he’s rolled like a log to a predetermined destination. None of that is satisfactory to him anymore. He is absolutely bound and determined to crawl. To the point where he now gets up on his knees and physically gets stuck there. He doesn’t want to collapse back down, but he just can’t seem to figure out how to get all of his limbs working together at the same time. So there he hovers. Sometimes humping, sometimes staring at the object of his desire. You can just see thole wheels turning.
How do I do this? How do I get there? Every time I try to move my legs I fall, but I don’t want to fall!

I could be wrong, but I can’t see it taking much longer for it all to finally come together for him.

My brother came over tonight and even though he slightly terrifies Parker, he had some kind of magic mojo (and my cell phone) that made Parker want to crawl more than ever. And he actually got his knees moving more than a few times. The arms didn’t quite cooperate but he’s VERY close.

I guess now I should seriously consider baby proofing and pulling out all the gates. I just worry that gating off the house will seriously put a damper on Holden’s independence. He has full reign. Not so sure how he or I will handle him having to be more confined because Parker has to be. Can’t trust a baby!

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