Making the switch

Before Parker was born, we’d already made the decision to buy a new(er) high chair. We had SO many issues with the one handed down to us for Holden that we thought ANYTHING newer or a “better” name brand would be easier to use. I have no idea what brand Holden’s high chair was, I just know that I didn’t really have any settings to sit any way other than straight up.. and the tray was so high he couldn’t see anything. So for basically the entire time we used it we had to prop him up with a blanket in order to be able to use the stupid thing.

We didn’t want to have to do that again. So while relatively large and pregnant, we all went yard-sailing and came a cross a VERY nice Graco highchair with something like 8 different settings for $15 and thought we’d hit the jackpot.
When Parker first started using it, we had. It reclined, it was cushy and comfortable.. he had no need to see the tray.
Unfortunately the older he got the more he wanted to be able to see what was going on, which will not happen in this highchair. No matter HOW we adjust it, he still can’t see the tray. It’s set up SO high only the Jolly Green friggin’ Giant would be able to see over it. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Why have 8 settings up and down, back and forward for the chair itself, and NO settings for the tray? Not to mention that cushiness that seemed to be so awesome in the beginning started to make him sweat profusely, leading to extreme discomfort and a hell of a lot of whining.

I’m not completely sure if that is why solids have been such a pain in the ass, but I do think it has been a VERY large contributor.

Not wanting to buy a brand new high chair or go and scour the interweb for another, the only thing to do was to bring out that stupid old high chair with NO settings and prop Parker up on a blanket just like we did with Holden.

This morning while I was still dozing in bed with Holden (who insisted on watching cartoons) I heard… nothing.
This is abnormal. Typically I hear a LOT of whining, and then more whining from Thomas. Parker will not sit in that high chair. Will not eat in that high chair. The only time he sits there is for naps. I’ve grown so accustomed to hearing him whine in the morning during his breakfast (while Thomas is up for work making his lunch before he leaves) that I can’t doze back off like I used to.. I just wait to hear what would usually wake me up.

The new/old highchair was a hit. Parker is MUCH happier now that he can actually see the tray instead of blindly reaching toward it. No more flailing or getting bored. No more throwing puffs around because he can’t actually see what he’s grabbing at. Now he just takes them and shoves them in his mouth (although it may take a few tries). He still won’t eat stage 3s in his highchair.. that is another battle in the big war of solids/chunky foods altogether, but there’s definitely an improvement in his demeanor during feedings. And ANYTHING is better than having to hold him in one arm for 20 minutes while trying to get a spoonful of soupy food puree in his mouth with the other.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Lady in the Water”- I feel as though i’m going to end up like the guy with one HUGE arm and one tiny one. Attractive! Hopefully this switch will be for the better and I won’t have a ‘strong arm.’

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