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I’m not going to exaggerate- the area of my city that is considered “downtown” is not what most people would consider nice. It’s what a lot would consider scary. A few miles before you get to scary town, though, is historic. A really pretty little city with local owned shops that have been around forever. Thirty years or more. Community theater, old school clothing stores, malt shops. The works.

Due to the down economy, over the past year many of those stores i’ve been so used to seeing while driving through the town for as long as I can remember have closed up shop. It’s sad to see a sign that says “After 30 years of business, we have closed our doors.”
All that’s going to be left is Dominos Pizza if things keep moving in this direction.

And it’s not just happening here, it’s happening everywhere- so when I hear about a company that instead of outsourcing takes their manufcaturing facilities into distressed small towns to help bring life back and money back into them, and helping to save and revitalize them- I get happy.

Things that are still Made in America are few and far between these days, and Ramblers Way Farm is one of those special few. The company sources, grows and produces their fine wool products with 100% domestic resources. That is the definition of Made in America

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