Let the preparations begin

Last year, planning Holden’s birthday party was quite the task.. being that I was gigantic and pregnant, forgetful, disorganized, stressed.. and especially worried that ANY day I planned the party for, i’d end up going into labor. It would have been just my luck.

I started planning early, something I NEVER do. I ordered the decorations, had Thomas design the invitations (they were awesome), had to UN-order half of the decorations when I scored a box full free off of Freecycle, found the perfect cupcake recipe.. decided on the food, and tried to figure out the best gift for Holden.
A lot to do for a preggo who could hardly even move.

Even with all the early preparation, somehow we found ourselves running around the MORNING of Holden’s party trying to buy his birthday gift. I don’t know how that got missed.. I can’t even remember why we waited so long. I know we’d been price checking aquariums and looking for ANY fresh water fish that looked like Nemo (or that we could convince Holden was Nemo, and he was picky) and weren’t coming up with many choices.

It was a mad dash to the finish- and although I THANKFULLY am not pregnant this year, I don’t want to find myself in the same situation. I want it all done EARLY. I don’t want to be running out trying to find something at the very last second and only getting home with just enough time to set up before people arrived.

With over two months until the potential party date (I have two picked out that could work)- I already know the theme (DUH, CARS! Can you imagine it being anything else?), we already have a stock pile of things i’ve been collecting up for months- plus we know his big gift is going to be a twin bed with Cars bedding. I know the cupcakes i’m going to make. I already have a trashbag FULL of awesome Cars goodies for the gift bags (again, thanks for Freecycle).

It really seems like a mirror image of last year’s party, only with a different Pixar theme. I just hope the gift problem isn’t the same. We’ve already decided on the bedding, just have to order it. The BED itself is another issue. I don’t want to buy it new, because that crap is expensive.. but i’ve scoured Craigslist and put a ‘want’ out on freecycle and have come up empty handed thus far.

Holden also decided today out of nowhere that he absolutely has to have “Dr. Mater” for his birthday. I buy Cars all the time for him and stock up for good behavior and his birthday and just rainy days where he needs something new to play with.. but Dr. Mater is never one I even considered buying. We usually only get one of each character and call it a day. He doesn’t need 20 Lightning McQueens. I’m hoping to even be able to FIND Dr. Mater. It’s always the ones he wants that are the ones that end up being impossible to find.

Oh, and did I mention this is going to be a JOINT birthday party for both boys? Their birthdays are less than 2 weeks apart, no way can I throw two parties in that short amount of time. Not only due to cost and preparation, but because I just don’t think people would show up for both and that wouldn’t be fair to one of them.
So now on top of Holden’s gifts, I have to figure out something for Parker. Yet again, the child that has everything. He has every toy he could ever want, what the hell is left?

For Holden’s 1st, I made him a REALLY nice leather bound album. All of his pictures and milestones. Sort of like a baby book. Since then, i’ve made a few books, but most of the pictures I have printed out to put into actual albums. So do I make family albums along with a first year album for Parker, even if the pictures are all the same? It also took me weeks of working on that damn thing every single night to get it done in time.. and i’m not sure I have that kind of time anymore- but at the same time I don’t know that it would be fair to Parker to have an album for Holden’s 1st year and not his.

AUGH! Predicaments!
It’s going to be a long CONFUSING two months.

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