Just amputate it. It’s of no use to me anymore.

When you read this post, i’m going to wager that your first thought will be “why don’t you just go to the doctor?”
And my answer will be: a) i’m too stubborn and b) we’re currently having a money dispute because their billing department is full of idiots.

I don’t know what is going on with my boob, but it has now officially hurt for WEEKS. Why? Well, at first I was convinced it was a bruise. It made sense since Parker used to headbutt me in that boob more times than I could count in a day. So I switched how I was holding him while he napped, took the pacifier away (since I used to use my boob as a buffer between him and the pacifier to keep it in) and waited for the pain to subside. And it did, somewhat.

Slowly but surely the pain returned and for no good reason. What women has pain in their boob and doesn’t consider cancer a possible option? So every day, multiple times a day, I suck it up.. take a deep breath- and feel myself up like an eager middle school boy.
Nothing. Can’t find a single weird lumpy bump. Every time I DO think I feel something, I feel again (and again) and it’s gone.

So I started to think maybe it’s some kind of muscle strain from exercising since I work out at least 4 days a week. That could make sense, right? I do plenty of different exercises that could strain a muscle somewhere in there. Plus I lug Parker around all day.
Or perhaps it’s another clog. It could happen. I got a clog AND an infection before when not only did I never breastfeed OR pump, but I didn’t even make any decent amount of milk to begin with. There would be a lump for that though. I specifically remember how horrifying feeling that clog was.

None of those thoughts really satisfy me since it IS my boob, and the pain is NOT going away. Sometimes it’s dull, sometimes it aches, and one night it was sharp and terrible. It’s worse when I wear a sports bra with not a lot of support. Lettin’ my boob hang out is not comfortable at all.
I would love for it to be something stupid and random and for the pain to go away on its own but that hasn’t happened yet.. and for the life of me I can’t think of what it could possibly be if I can’t find a lump (which could be a nodule or a cyst or God forbid a tumor).

Really what it comes down to is that I absolutely do need to once again go to the doctor to have them poke and squeeze at my boob, ugh.. But considering they’re still trying to charge me for the LAST time they poked and squeezed at my boob because the billing office is full of morons and is insisting it was a separate appointment that I should have paid a copayment for, when in actuality it was my 6 week postpartum check up that I moved up 2 days because the tit pain was unbearable and therefore is covered in the pregnancy plan from my insurance. If I go in, they’re going to make me pay $60, and that shit ain’t happening. Don’t have that kind of money right now. I don’t really even have $30, but my boob is worth that much.

Anyone else want to try to pound it through those morons’ heads to go back and look at their records and they’ll clearly see that the boob infection WAS in fact my 6 week check up so they can stop threatening to take me off of their roster? Assholes.

I may not be satisfied with the current state of boobage I have but i’d prefer to keep them both instead of this thing throbbing its way off of my body.

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  • Go to a new Dr. office maybe to avoid the $60 fee? My ob/gyn is great. Sometimes mastitis comes back. You definitely need to go in if you start having a fever or your boob is hot to the touch.