It’s birthday season

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Anyone else ever noticed how many more birthdays there are in the summer/early fall time than the winter?
BOTH of my kids have September birthdays (Holden’s is still technically considered summer.. and it’s still warm for Parker’s), most of my friends have birthdays in June or July.. tons of family with birthdays from now until September. It’s a LOT of shopping to do for a lot of different people. Who has time to think of that many different and unique gifts for THAT many different and unique people? Kids aren’t TOO hard, especially not kids my kids’ ages- but when you start getting above the age of 5 it gets more difficult.

There’s always the trusty ol’ fallback of giftcards- but what if it’s a store they don’t like? It’s never fun to get a gift card for a store you don’t really EVER shop in- because there’s no way to return it and then you’re stuck desperately trying to find something to buy that you actually like.
It is those times, for me and for others- that we all should have used FriendGiftr

What IS FriendGiftr you might ask?
It is a site where you can go and purchase digital or physical gift cards to be sent to anyone you want. You can choose from 120 retailers and restaurants in amounts ranging from $10- $100. This might not seem like anything different than just going and getting it yourself from the store of choice.. but wait! There’s more.
With FriendGiftr, the person you send it to can exchange it for any of the other retailers for no additional charge OR split the card across multiple vendors if they so choose- giving them endless choices on what to buy and where from. No more getting stuck with ONE store.
And you will not believe all the choices! And the ease- since you can use FriendGiftr from not only their website, but Facebook, iPhone, Blackberry and Android.
My personal favorite if I were to receive a gift just for me?

A girl’s gotta have makeup, right? Plus anywhere else and i’d just spend it on the kids!

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