Well, Parker didn’t learn to crawl overnight like i’d crossed my fingers for by being around a more physically advanced baby. A girl can dream! At most he realized he was acting like a total drunkard when he’s in sitting position, flinging himself around and going flying in every direction. He doesn’t do that anymore. FINALLY. Though I still don’t trust him enough to walk away and let him sit on his own without a pillow behind him.

Above all else, having another baby around inspired me to try and steer Parker more toward table food. Damian was downing mac & cheese and all kinds of fancy things. Jealous!
Let me tell you, as much as bottles annoy me because of the song & dance I have to go through to get Parker to eat them without a fight.. I think purees annoy me even more. The whining, the spitting, the head jerking. At least with bottles, there’s no fussing involved. Just a silent rejection. Purees get met with violent hatred. Still haven’t figured out if it’s his highchair. Either way, most solid feedings end with either Thomas or I holding Parker, walking around, getting covered in disgusting baby food, attempting to feed it to him that way.

Finger food? Table food? He can grab that crap himself. I am not necessary like I am when I have to hold the spoon.
Parker’s been eating puffs and mum mums for a while now but has never seemed all that enthused about the idea.
While Damian was here? He was ALL about them. The puffs were a different flavor, and he also had maple flavored baby cheesy poofs (Holden used to LOVE the cheddar flavor), yogurt bites (which Holden loahted).. he inhaled them. Massive amounts. No raspberrying everything back out all over the place. No whining or head thrashing.

So today we made a special trip just to get Parker all the things he loved while Damian was here, and at the store alone he inhaled about 20 puffs. Sometimes two at a time.

I’m not only excited about getting Parker off of bottles, even though they’ve become a lot easier than while he was sick.. but off of purees too. Too many times i’ve had to change my shirt an hour into wearing it after he spit them back out all over me. Some table food is the same way… he begs and begs for it, and then spits it back out instantly, but it’s a hell of a lot less messy than liquid food.
Babies are frustrating, point blank.

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