Growth spurtin’ the day away

My plan to phase out a bottle from Parker’s schedule was a bit ill-conceived.

I figured, hey- he’s 9 months old. He still has 4 bottles a day. If I take out one per month he’ll be at 0 when he turns 1, which is our goal. Babies on bottles over a year old just weird me out (unless there are extenuating circumstances). And considering Parker’s extreme dislike of bottle eating, I put 2 and 2 together and came to the conclusion that it should be pretty easy to take them away. He would probably be THANKING me for taking a bottle out.

I’ve been a little stressed about it to be honest. Sure, taking away the bottle is the easy part- but how do I rearrange the schedule to work for us once it’s gone? As of right now, Parker takes a nap after every single bottle (or just goes to sleep at night time). This is a good thing. If he didn’t nap, there would be a strong possibility of massive amounts of vomit pouring back out of him thanks to reflux and DGE. Or he’d cry because he wouldn’t be able to really play for about an hour just to make sure he at least partially digested all the fluid sloshing around in his belly.

Another stressful thing to add to the mix is table food. OOHHH table food. Parker begs and begs for it, and then I put it anywhere near him and he spits it all back out or thrashes his head around.. unless it’s fries or potato chips. I literally have to force the food into his mouth for him to even try it. If I take a bottle away, I want to at least somewhat replace it with some table food, since soon enough he’ll ONLY be eating table food- he needs to get a handle on it now. Not going well at all. I’ve tried giving him his solids (purees) and THEN some table food and it always ends in disaster. There’s no gagging.. just puking, and in massive amounts. Almost every single time he’ll just randomly puke up his purees after I stick a tiny crumb of table food in his mouth with no warning whatsoever. I have NO idea how to incorporate solids into his diet because of all of these things. I feel like a first time mom all over again.

To add insult to injury, he appears to be going through a serious growth spurt. For the first time in MONTHS, he desperately wants his bottles and gobbles them down like a machine. No way can I take one away for the time being when he’s wanting them so much. Now i’ll have to wait until he’s fighting me on one of them again.. and then try to figure out a NEW schedule for the billionth time. I hate changing schedules. Throws us all through a serious loop!

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