The Great Diaper Debate

Thomas made a rather large mistake while at the store last night. Actually, two mistakes.
Not only did he get the WRONG formula (which caused me some serious hell today. Joy), but he got the wrong diapers as well.
This brought back memories of ALL the diaper brands we’ve gone through for both kids, and how much opinion differs from mom to mom on each. And as mimiscule as it is, as stupid as it is.. I just love to poop all over the high priced diapers (not literally, that came out wrong). It’s fun to do. Spending money on things that just don’t work pisses me off (again, came out wrong. What is going ON tonight?) enough to write about my experience in the land of diapers.

I’ve gone with someone’s stellar review of a certain type of diaper, and end up hating them. They just don’t work that way on your little bundle of excrement.

They are NOT all the same. Store brand isn’t always awful.. Name brand isn’t always fantastic. The most expensive is not always the best fit for your baby no matter HOW much they claim to be.

Prime example? Huggies. They make fun of other diaper brands saying that those are only made to fit babies shaped like a brick. Literally, a brick. This offended me, because Huggies NEVER fit Holden. The ones they tried to make look bad were the only ones that DID fit. Is huggies calling my lump of baby pudgy adorableness is a brick?
Screw you, Huggies! You suck anyways! You’re expensive, you don’t fit all that well, and both kids have had constant disgusting poop blowouts when they wear you.
So those stupid “fitted” leg holes you made so you’re “so much different” from the other brands? Fail. Those dumb ass leg holes cause serious leakage. And correct me if i’m wrong, but one of the main things we moms look for in diapers is NO leakage.

Moving on..

We experimented around with Holden. We tried store brand.. no dice. Either they crinkled (and when you have a baby sleeping in your room, a crinkle sound will keep you awake for HOURS) or they just sucked and didn’t absorb causing nasty diaper rash. And then he got SO huge that no diaper but Pampers would fit. Keep that in mind. Fat baby? Pampers might just be your best bet. They were the only ones that would fit around his thighs without leaving dark red marks.

With Parker, we didn’t even have to buy diapers until he was over 3 months old. We got so many at his baby shower that we just used whatever we got. And he wasn’t enormous, so store brand (Walgreens, no crinkle sound) worked quite well.
Now he’s a strange size. Too big for size 2, but size 3 is just a little too large in the waist area. We’ve stuck with Luvs for the most part. Luvs are seemingly perfect for an ‘average’ sized baby. They’re cheap, they’re absorbent.. and have had the fewest blow outs of everything he’s been in.

And then Thomas went to the store last night.. and we only had a coupon for Pampers. But instead of buying REGULAR pampers, which are expensive but good.. he bought Dry Max. I HATE Dry max. With a passion.
Has nothing to do with the reports of bleeding blistering rashes. I think that was just a contained instance of a chemical type spill on a batch. We got many samples of dry max in the past and never had that issue. The issue is that Parker had literally leaked pee out of EVERY single one he wore. Especially at night. We’d end up having to change him AND his sheets.
So when Thomas told me he had accidentally bought those instead of Baby Dry or Cruisers, I was extremely displeased. And I hate them even more now. They are SO ill fitting it’s unreal. Parker fits pretty comfortable into a size 3 as long as the waist is pulled tight.. but these are SO big I swear they’re a size 4 even though they say 3. Even if I yank those suckers above his belly button there’s still a huge pouch around his butt. I can see this causing disastrous poo blowouts and pee leakage in my near future.

I can’t wait for this package to be gone to go back to the good ol’ cheap Luvs.

For the most part I feel like diapers are just like formula. Not one is going to be good for every single baby. It’s trial and error. You get poo leakage on you? Time to switch. Red marks? Definitely time to switch. You might find the cheap ass White Cloud Walmart brand is the way to go.. I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot if you’re looking to save a few bucks.

My current vote goes to Luvs. I love Luvs!

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  • I HATE dry max! Nolan also leaked out of every single one we put on him like it wasn’t even there! I ended up throwing them out and having to buy luvs also.

  • we are currently using luvs too! but this, just like everything else, goes to show that every baby is different, b/c pampers work just fine for us too. but i will only buy if i have a coupon!