Glaring Differences, subtle similarities

Once a baby starts crawling is really when I think their personality starts to shine through. Well, Parker isn’t technically crawling, but he’s launching himself forward pretty quickly these days- so he’s technically mobile. And being technically mobile means he’s really opening up to things around him.. because he can actually reach them himself. So he’s finally coming into his own.

As he does, I see more and more just how similar AND different he is from Holden. I honestly can’t decide which he’s more of.

They both are absolutely obsessed with Cars. Maybe Parker is because there’s just so damn many in the house- but if he sees a Car and a baby toy near him, he always goes for the Car.
They’re both very weird, and very goofy. Parker is realizing his goof much earlier than Holden though. Holden was a pretty serious baby until he really got the hang of crawling. Parker has always been goofy. Laughs at the strangest things. Purposely scoots up to me and spits all over my legs while i’m sitting on the ground and then laughs hysterically about it.
Holden? He would never crawl up to me, always away. Was always chasing that kid around the house.
After spitting on my leg, Parker will just lay his head in my lap and let me rub his back for the longest time. He’s a cuddler while awake.. but not while sleeping. He will NOT cosleep. He’d rather pull my hair and smack me in the face. Holden didn’t want to cuddle while awake at Parker’s age, but LOVED to cosleep. Every morning he’d come into bed with me and we’d sleep in. Ohh how I miss sleeping in. Parker is up before 8am every day, no chance of getting him back to sleep.

Holden wasn’t a BIG eater, but he was much more adventurous when it came to table food. At the age Parker is now, he was already eating town up turkey sandwiches. Parker? Not so much a fan. He’s very very iffy about table food. He MIGHT try it, but there’s also a large chance he’ll spit it back out at you. He does LOVE yogurt melts though, begs for them. Yogurt melts made Holden gag. Hated the flavor. But he also choked on most of the table food he would try, while Parker rarely ever chokes.

Holden woke up ALL the time during the night. Would have to go in his room and rock him back to sleep more times than I can remember, and he would have to be out COLD before he’d let you put him down or his eyes would snap back open and he’d be screaming. He also insisted on having a pacifier. Parker goes right to sleep after his last bottle, no rocking, doesn’t ever wake back up, and doesn’t wake up at all during the night. I think I can count maybe 3 times since he was a newborn and started sleeping through the night that he’s woken up before morning.

I guess i’ve listed a lot of differences.. but personality wise they really are very similar. Definitely brothers. It’s fun to watch Parker really become a little person and not a lump of baby.

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