A few down, many to go

Slowly but surely, we’re working our way down the boys’ birthday list of things to buy and things to do.

We scored Holden’s #1 want on his list- Dr. Mater, a few weeks back randomly at Kohl’s.. which I was very excited about seeing as i’d never seen him ANYWHERE before. We got all the party favors we could ever need off of freecycle- and i’ve narrowed the party down to two dates in September.

Tonight my Dad and Thomas are driving 30 minutes away to pick up an amazing bedroom set I found for Holden on Craigslist. Originally I thought i’d only get him a new bed.. and then added on a dresser to that bright idea- but adding everything up seperately it came out to be pretty expensive, and we couldn’t find anything that would even come close to matching, or looked “up to date.” All the furniture looked like something your grandmother would have had when you were growing up.
Thomas kept saying we shouldn’t be so picky, and “who cares” if it matches- but I know it would bother me. The tiny dresser he got passed down from my old bedroom (which is a cheap Wal-Mart dresser that I sanded and painted, and looks pretty nice if I do say so myself) has become FAR too small to hold all of his clothes since we don’t hang anything (his closet is mostly storage.)

I’ll admit, we’re spending far more than I imagined when the idea of a new bed popped into my head as a perfect 3rd birthday present for a kid who is far bigger than an average 3 year old.. but it’s REALLY nice and it will last him, or Parker, for a very very long time. Plus what we’re buying comes with everything. Bed rails, wooden bed frame, night stand, dresser, mattress and box spring. All in great condition and all matching. I can’t wait to see his face on his birthday when i’ve completely re-done his room.

I had already found the Cars bedding set we wanted to buy online, but unfortunately didn’t snap it up when it was on sale and now it’s $10 more expensive. Kicking myself in the ass over that one.
We still need to clear off the rest of his small birthday wants (or find someone else coming to the party to take on one of them), get the list together of who we want to invite, SET the date.. get all the plates and decorations- and decide on something to get Parker, which I am still absolutely clueless on. Oh, and decide on the menu. The only thing i’m certain on there is that i’m making Mater cupcakes.. they’re going to be awesome.

It’s a lot to do, but I think it can all get done if I set my mind to it and don’t procrastinate like I tend to do.

Who’s coming to our awesome double Cars birthday blowout? It promises to be a madhouse!

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